Podcast #3 Celeste Duckworth – The State of Education and Readership In Today’s World

In this episode, Desiree Duffy speaks to Author, Publisher of Vertikal Life Magazine and fellow bibliophile Celeste Duckworth about the state of education and how we can all help the next generation learn through our writing.

At one time, Celeste embarked on studying to become a lawyer, but her professor cautioned her that she would not make a living at it because her love for helping others would prevent her from charging them for her labor. She discovered that she had a passion for writing, and during her second semester, she wrote a Science Fiction novel. This led her to enroll in a Creative Writing class to access her potential as a creative writer.

She had always written short stories privately, and this was going to be the first time she would dare to expose herself to the scrutiny of others by letting them read her work. Her first poem, “An Oasis in the Desert,” was published by the City of Phoenix, Arizona, to hang on the wall of the new Maryville Pool House.

Through her Poetry It’s You! Poetry inspired by Love, she has facilitated dramatic presentations involving Music, Art, and Poetry with her group called the Positively Profound Players. Celeste has written three books and hopes to have them published by the end of this year.


Check out Celeste’s author page at Vertical Life Magazine to read more of her work.

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