Paid To Be Perfect by Heather Mathes

In her book, Paid To Be Perfect, Heather Mathes, a retired fit model, explains her most beloved lifestyle habits and tips that helped her maintain a healthy body and mind. She takes us on her professional and life journey so that the reader can achieve their own goals towards a balanced and content life.


Perfectly imperfect

Paid to Be Perfect book coverContrary to the title of the book, Mathes does not advocate for a perfect body. Her definition of “perfect” is the perfect body in which you feel the most comfortable and healthy in. It is the body that allows you to move, get through your day, and just live.

She is honest with the realities of the human body and mind: the goal is not to be physically perfect, nor to have a positive mind at all times, but to take care of yourself, in order to feel better in your daily life.


The relationship with food

The first part of the book deals with food and lifestyle.

The author shares how she improved her daily nutrition: she gives numerous tips and encourages the reader to try different things to find what works for them. Her approach is that a balanced, varied diet is much more efficient and healthier than miracle diets and strict deprivation. As she says, there is no “off-limits foods” only her personal tastes and mindful portions.


Lifestyle habits

More than just a healthy body, Mathes also strives every day to keep a healthy mind.

Physical exercise is a big part of the author’s daily routine. She expands notably on what she loves: running and yoga.

Her skincare routine is the next point she describes: what type of products she uses, how to find your own routine, the right professionals to discuss with (always reminding us that she is not a doctor).

She also stresses that mental wellness and a positive mindset are an essential part of finding inner contentment. Asking for help, leaning on friends, protecting ourselves from toxic environments and events are some of the tips included.


Fit modeling, what is it?

The second part of the book is centered around her career as a fit model. Among the different jobs in the fashion industry, fit modeling is still an unknown career. The author breaks up the part into two sub-parts: she starts with a straight to the point Q&A about the industry and then recounts her own journey.

In the Q&A, she answers the most important questions any aspiring fit model would have on issues such as contract, salary, requirements, or longevity. She moves on to share her own professional journey: how she started as a model, then a fit model, and how she worked through setbacks. She gives precious advices for example voicing your discomfort in uncomfortable situations.


Final Thoughts

A good, instructional read for anyone who wants to starts taking care of themselves or have a go at the fit modeling business, but doesn’t know where to start. The author remains honest and constantly reminds us to keep trying but also be compassionate with ourselves. It is comforting to know that achieving a healthy, content life is a journey filled with highs and lows, and never a goal with deprivation and guilt trip. Make sure to pre-order your copy on Amazon now.

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