Realizing Love is The Answer with P. B. Lamb, Author of Angels of Light

Books That Make You Realize—Through Fantasy—that Love is the Answer

Love, of course, is a universal theme: constantly considered, constantly sought. No matter what faith you practice, no matter how you worship, the bottom line is we’re all here to express—and create—love in our relations with one another.
Such is the powerful message author P.B. Lamb delivers to her readers, with her debut fantasy novel “Angels of Light”. At once a blend of fantasy, romance and religion, with a unique blending of fact and fiction, the story introduces us to Jessica Hanson, a thirtysomething attorney who discovers her mother’s lifeless body. This starts a chain reaction of change—even upheaval—in her life.
Jessica’s very identity unravels as she learns of her true origins, that she’s not entirely as…human as she might’ve thought. Rather, she is descended from an Archangel lineage, and possesses within her divine powers that, she is told, she must reclaim in time for the benefit of all creation—especially as infernal forces stir, and the next Great Spiritual War looms ever closer.
P.B. Lamb has been writing short stories, fantasy fiction and romantic fiction for almost 20 years. Publishing a novel has always been a bucket list item for her, and now with “Angels of Light” is a reality.


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