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Our African Unconscious Reveals the Origin of Humanity’s Spirituality

We all know humanity originated in Africa. The fossil record confirms it. But have you ever explored the beginning of early religions, spirituality, and mysticism? In this book, you’ll see how Africa is also the foundation of all that makes us human. Our African Unconscious by Dr. Edward Bruce Bynum uncovers those aspects of our civilization, arts, sciences, philosophy, and our conscious and unconscious minds.

Edward Bruce Bynum, Ph.D., ABPP, is a clinical psychologist and former director of the behavioral medicine program at the University of Massachusetts Health Services. The 2005 recipient of the Abraham H. Maslow Award from the American Psychological Association and the author of several books, including Dark Light Consciousness. Dr. Edward’s revised edition of Our African Unconscious: The Black Origins of Mysticism and Psychology includes a foreword by Linda James Myers, Ph.D.

Our African Unconscious book coverThe African Unconscious unfolds how human history and our culture stems from Africa. Dr. Edward draws on archaeology, DNA research, history, depth psychology, the biological and spiritual roots of religion and science to demonstrate this. No matter your ethnic or racial classifications, all modern human beings share a deeper psychical and genetic identity. That’s the thread connecting us to a primordial African unconscious.

Dr. Edward Bruce Bynum also looks at how and why ancient Egypt was separated from the rest of Africa in the Western mind—despite it being the most sophisticated expression of the Mother Continent. He helps you examine the Oldawan, the Ancient Soul, and its correlation with the collective unconscious as per modern psychologists. You’ll see reflections of the spiritual and psychological ramifications of our shared African ancestry in the work of the Founding Fathers.

If you’re like us, by recognizing our shared African unconscious, the deepest core of human identity, you can learn to see the differences between us are merely superficial. To learn more, order your copy of Our African Unconscious: The Black Origins of Mysticism and Psychology today.

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