Oil and Water DO Mix

The persistent economic issues of developing countries have perplexed experts for decades. Concerns about, why have the oil and gas riches in Africa not lead to economic development? About 790 million people lack access to an improved water supply in the world, what is the solution to this? How can developing countries protect their people and grow their economy?

These two books look into how two completely different issues, oil, and water, have major impacts on health, prosperity, and economic well being. Discover the steps the world must take to help these societies gain independence and progress.

Clean Water for Developing Countries

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John Dracup, Ph.D., has over 50 years of research into water resource engineering and has taught at both UCLA and UC Berkeley. Over the years, he has generated many ideas on how we can improve clean water systems. He’s worked on water projects in Kenya, Peru, Honduras, and Guatemala, which he discusses in his book.

Dr. Dracup has worked first-hand in a wide variety of situations, from an individual household to an entire village. He’s learned many lessons along his journey. He believes the issue of clean water in developing countries can be solved, and we have the technology and ability to convert polluted water into drinking water. However, a community must be able to work together for a common goal to achieve clean water.

The world can achieve clean drinking water for all, with determination and funding, no one needs to worry about becoming sick or dying from the water they drink. Clean Water for Developing Countries lays out exactly how we can solve this issue.





Billions at Play: The Future of African Energy and Doing Deals

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Author NJ Ayuk is an expert on Africa oil and gas. As an American-educated lawyer, he assisted in the negotiation of massive deals.

NJ Ayuk believes that Africa has the natural resources to be independent and have a thriving, prosperous global market. By using the natural resources Africa already possesses, the country can create jobs and put money into the economy. He advocates for lifting people out of poverty and promote equality by investing in Africa’s future.

Learn what the future has in store for the energy business. America has the opportunity to invest in Africa, and this investment will ensure fair trade through cooperation and regulation. The US needs to adjust its spending and partner with Africa in investment, not just aid. Billions at Play: The Future of African Energy and Doing Deals lays out exactly how the US can invest in Africa to help the global economy. Learn more about NJ Ayuk with our elusive interview.


Oil and water do mix. By helping developing countries with both of these significant issues, we can lift them out of poverty and create a stable environment for them to thrive.

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