New Books for the New Year: Books to Add to Your TBR List for 2024

Let’s welcome 2024 with these hot new releases and must reads. The new year is the perfect time to update your bookshelf and make a fun resolution: read more. Why? Because books boost your brain, help to understand others and the world around you, and are the perfect escape from the buzz of screens and notifications.

Imagine cozying up with a mystery that takes you to the Mojave desert, or time-traveling to the rocking ’50s. Whether you’re laughing out loud at cranky life lessons or unraveling the shadowland’s mysteries, these books are your tickets to awesome adventures. So, let’s make this year one filled with page-turners and eye-openers. Ready to dive into your next great read? Here’s our list of must reads for 2024.

Hound Dogged by Rebecca Hendricks

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Step back into the vibrant era of 1958 with Hound Dogged, a novel that resonates with the spirit of Rock & Roll. This story of friendship, ambition, and musical dreams is perfect for starting the new year on a high note. As the characters navigate personal challenges and societal changes, readers will find inspiration in their journey towards self-discovery and resilience. It’s a compelling read for anyone looking to embrace the new year with a blend of nostalgia, excitement, and life lessons.

The Berman Murders: Unraveling the Mojave Desert’s Most Mysterious Unsolved Crime by Doug Kari

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For fans of true crime, this gripping account offers a chilling and detailed exploration of an unsolved mystery. Doug Kari’s meticulous research and storytelling skills make this book a fascinating addition to your new year’s reading list. It promises to engage, inform, and keep you on the edge of your seat, making it a perfect choice for those looking to dive into a deep, thought-provoking narrative.

The Inclusive All by Kelly Anne Manuel

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This enchanting children’s story, born from a poem, is a vivid invitation to a world of inclusion and harmony. It’s a refreshing and uplifting read, perfect for starting the new year with a sense of hope and joy. The book’s message of peace and acceptance is a gentle reminder of the values we should carry into 2024 and beyond.

Cranky Superpowers: Life Lessons Learned from the Common CrankaTsuris Chronicles by Steven Joseph

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Steven Joseph’s humorous and insightful look into embracing our crankier moments is a unique addition to your new year’s reading. This book is not only entertaining but also enlightening, offering a fresh perspective on handling everyday frustrations. It’s a great choice for anyone looking to approach the new year with a more understanding and patient mindset.

Ricky’s Dream Trip to the Ancient Worlds of Egypt, Greece and Rome by William Stevenson

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This adventure-packed journey through ancient civilizations is a fantastic way to ignite your imagination for the new year. It’s educational, entertaining, and a great pick for young readers or anyone young at heart. Dive into the past and start your year with a sense of wonder and discovery.

DOUBLE BLIND: The Icelandic Manuscript Murders by Sara Winokur

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Nordic thriller fans will find Sarah Winokur’s highly anticipated Ivory Bones: The Lewis Chessmen Murders released in 2024. In the meantime, read Double Blind. For those who love a good mystery, this novel is a thrilling journey through Iceland’s cultural landscape. Its intricate plot and rich setting make it an engaging read for the new year. This book promises to transport you to another world, perfect for those cold winter nights and for starting the year with a captivating adventure.

The Corona Protocol by Paul D. Corona

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Coming Soon: Dr. Corona’s comprehensive approach to physical and mental well-being is a valuable read for starting a healthy new year. This book is not just for medical professionals but for anyone interested in understanding the deep connection between the mind and body. It’s an empowering guide for those seeking to improve their overall health in the coming year.

The Last Decade of Cinema by Scott Ryan

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Coming Soon: Film enthusiasts will love this exploration of nineties cinema. It’s a thought-provoking look at how film has evolved and a nostalgic trip for those who cherish this era. As you plan your new year, this book offers a unique perspective on creativity and cultural impact, making it a must-read for movie buffs.

Shadowland” by Phillip Hampton

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Shadowland is an intriguing blend of supernatural elements and real-life struggles. This novel is ideal for the new year as it explores themes of overcoming adversity and venturing into the unknown. Aaron’s journey is a metaphor for the uncertainties we all face and his resilience is something to draw inspiration from as we step into the new year.

The Salvation of Henry Maxwell by Lee Lindauer

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Coming Soon: Dive into the enigmatic world of former horror film star Henry Maxwell, a character whose life is as captivating as it is complex. The Salvation of Henry Maxwell is not just a book; it’s an exploration of love, loss, and the haunting power of the past. As Henry grapples with the pain of his wife’s mysterious death and his own inner demons, readers are invited into a deeply emotional journey. This novel is perfect for the new year as it reminds us of the strength found in facing our fears and the transformative power of confronting unresolved mysteries. Lindauer’s storytelling skillfully blends the allure of old Hollywood with a poignant narrative of redemption and the supernatural. It’s a compelling read for anyone looking to start the year with a story that is both thrilling and heart-wrenchingly human.

Each of these books brings a unique flavor to your reading list, ensuring that your 2024 is filled with diverse, engaging, and enriching experiences. Make sure to enter our New Year 2024 Book Giveaway.

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