New Bookish Holiday Traditions to Start this Year

Start creating memories with these new ideas to bring books into your holidays. Bring the season to life this year by adding new and exciting bookish traditions. What’s better than encouraging reading, learning and family time? Read on to find out how you can incorporate books into your holiday festivities.


Jólabókaflóð or “Christmas Book Flood”

The Icelanders have a wonderful tradition on Christmas Eve, they exchange books and spend the night curled up reading. Combining the holidays with literature, this custom is highly anticipated throughout the country. Start your own Jólabókaflóð with the family this year – exchange books this Christmas Eve. Make hot cocoa for everyone to enjoy and spend the night waiting for old St. Nick to arrive by reading.



Advent Calendar with Books

Count down to the big day of festivities with an advent book calendar this year. A twist on the traditional advent calendar, this year instead of candy or toys, open a new book every day of your countdown!





Saint Nicholas Day

Do you celebrate St. Nicholas Day? Not to be confused with Christmas, St. Nicolas day is celebrated on December 6th. Traditionally, western European Christian countries celebrate this holiday by leaving their shoes and socks out for St. Nick to leave gifts. This holiday is the inspiration for Santa Clause in America and the UK. In the US cities with strong German, Polish and Dutch influences like Milwaukee, WI; Cincinnati, Ohio; and Pittsburgh Pennsylvania have adapted the tradition. On the morning of December 6th children wake up to find their stockings full of gifts and treats. This year celebrate St. Nicks Day by leaving your stockings or shoes out for St. Nick on the 5th and waking up to find holiday goodies and books inside!


Read a Christmas book then watch the movie

Sitting down with a big bowl of popcorn with the family for a movie night is the best, especially when you’re watching your favorite holiday movie. This year start a new tradition of reading your favorite holiday story before settling in for the movie adaptation! Watch some of the classic tales like The Grinch, The Nutcracker, or Polar Express, start the tradition of reading the story and then enjoying the movie. Spot the differences, similarities and muse about which you liked better.



Write your own Christmas stories

For kids or adults, gather some book making supplies like paper, pens, markers, and stickers and create your own holiday book. Encourage creativity this year by starting this new tradition. Homemade books also make great gifts!





Leave out cookies for Santa, and he will thank you with a book

Does Santa Clause get cookies every year but leaves his plate empty? This year make sure Santa leaves more than just crumbs. Place a book on the cookie plate for your little ones to wonder at. What kid wouldn’t be dying to read a book recommendation from Santa himself?




Books Make the Perfect Gifts

Young and old alike can appreciate a good book for the holidays. If you’re struggling to decide which book to choose, check out our Holiday Book Gift List.

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