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Must-Read Books for Your Summer Getaway

The faint aromas from the BBQs, the distant tune from the ice cream truck, and the neighborhood kids setting the make-shift lemonade stand can all mean only one thing. The happy days are here again! It’s summertime, and we’re going to have our time in the sun—quite literally. So, grab those trendy gold-tone celebrity sunglasses you ordered online and step outside.

Finally, as the lockdown rules begin to relax, you’ll be able to take that trip you were planning for months. And if you’re anything like us—staying close to home—you’re likely headed to the beach to get a fresh tan. Or you may carry a picnic basket to the park. While all those plans sound lovely, what’s going to make your summer even memorable is a specially curated list of incredible new books for you.

Did you attend our author book readings at the Beach-Bound Book Bash? You might find here some of the most-loved books from that very event. Whether you’re someone who likes to try books from all genres or prefer to stick to one kind, you’re bound to find some you’ll love and share.


Good Lookin’: A Joe Turner Mystery by T L Bequette

Good Lookin book coverHere’s a mystery novel that draws you right into the middle of a courtroom drama and keeps you hooked to the last page. Good Lookin’: A Joe Turner Mystery is a criminal defense attorney and author T L Bequette’s first book in the Joe Turner mystery series. His lauded, insightful storytelling makes this book a compelling read.

Even if you’re not a mystery lover and are looking for a quick, engaging read, you’ve got to grab your copy of “Good Lookin’: A Joe Turner Mystery” today. Let us know how you like it.

Harry Harambee’s Kenyan Sundowner by Gerald Everett Jones

Harry Harambee's Kenyan Sundowner book coverYou know you have a good book when it’s entertaining and inspiring. And award-winning author Gerald Everett Jones never fails to deliver on such reader expectations. In Harry Harambee’s Kenyan Sundowner, you’ll find yourself tagging along with an LA-based widower on his adventure to East Africa. You’ll experience Kenya first as a typical tourist, then as an observer as Harry is forced to consider his own moral standing.

If Kenya is one of the places you want to visit, why not explore it first through a realistic lens? Order your copy of “Harry Harambee’s Kenyan Sundowner” on Amazon today.

Moonlighting: An Oral History by Scott Ryan

Book Cover of Moonlighting Oral HistoryWant to add some glamour, some razzmatazz, some nostalgia to your reading list? Lights, camera, action! Brace yourself as TV historian, author, and publisher Scott Ryan takes you backstage for a peek into the iconic 80s “Moonlighting” TV series. His new book, Moonlighting: An Oral History is packed with interviews from the over twenty crew members, shared memories of the creators and stars of the show, best-kept secrets, and more.

It’s a great book for “Moonlighting” fans and for those eager to understand why it’s one of the greatest shows in television history. Order your copy of “Moonlighting: An Oral History” now.

Tears of Change by Debbie A Monteggia

Tears of Change book coverAre you a poetry person? Here’s a refreshingly new collection of poems by Debbie A Monteggia. These are her heartfelt poems, reflections, and quotes for a meaningful life. Her poems will help you appreciate your surroundings, relationships, and actions in a whole new light. With her own words and experiences, Debbie hopes to inspire you to find your voice through gratitude and compassion.

If you plan on spending some time away to reflect on your journey, honor your emotions, and be grateful for your gifts, “Tears of Change” will be a perfect companion. Get your copy today.

DOUBLE BLIND: The Icelandic Manuscript Murders by Sara Winokur

Double Blind Book ImageIf you wish to take a break and escape to a cooler place, we suggest Iceland. Or skip the travel and grab DOUBLE BLIND: The Icelandic Manuscript Murders by Sara Winokur. Within minutes you’ll be teleported to the land of icy fjords, picturesque farms, and a high-tech DNA lab. But don’t forget: you also have a killer to catch. A DNA scientist’s search for her missing twin brother is about to land her in a world of trouble.

Will she ever reunite with her brother? Can you crack the mystery? To find out, get your of “DOUBLE BLIND: The Icelandic Manuscript Murders” now.

A Grownup Guide to Effective Crankiness by Steven Joseph

Book cover of A Grownup Guide to Effective CrankinessAs temperatures soar, we’re likely to hit the max on our crankiness meter at some point. So before things get out of hand, we suggest you cover all the bases. Crankiness expert and author Steven Joseph’s book A Grownup Guide to Effective Crankiness: The Crankatsuris Method can help. Not only does the book help you embrace your moods and manage your emotions, but it also offers an enjoyable read.

Now for the sake of all the Crankatsurises in your life, grab your copy “A Grownup Guide to Effective Crankiness: The Crankatsuris Method” today.

Surviving Remote Work by Sharon Koifman

book cover image for surviving remote workIs your company considering remote work as a more permanent way of conducting business? Is that move stressing you out? Not to worry. Sharon Koifman has answers to all your burning questions to master the art of “work from home.” Inside Surviving Remote Work, you’ll find easy-to-use tools, strategies, and tips to survive and thrive in the new remote age. These tried and tested techniques come from Sharon’s experience in successfully managing remote teams for over two decades while juggling his new parenthood.

Whether you’re a manager, entrepreneur, aspiring leader, or new entrant, this book can unlock your full potential to thrive in your role and maintain a work-life balance. Grab your copy of “Surviving Remote Work” now.

Always a Princess by Clyve Rose

Always a Princess book coverWe have a sizzling hot historical romance for you, perfect for summer. So, whether you fancy romance novels or historical fiction, Always a Princess by Clyve Rose will forge its way to your heart. When Romany Princess Syeira Brishen first meets English Warwick Captian “Wil” Clifton, they are instantly drawn to one another. But the Princess is caught between family duty and an unrelenting desire to be with her love. Will she lead with her heart?

If you find yourself rooting for them, eager to see if there is a happy ending, order your copy of “Always a Princess” on Amazon today.

Adventure Books for Kids by David Konrad

book covers of books by David KonradAnd just so the middle graders don’t feel left out, we have some super cool books from David Konrad’s Project Adventure series. David’s goal is to captivate his young audience and keep them hooked till the end, taking them on action-packed, fun-filled, and mysterious rides in the worlds he creates.

You can choose from Heart of the Island, Rumble at the Zoo, The Courtside Mystery, The Scrapyard Shakedown, or better still, get them all. You never know. They could breeze through the books in no time. Order your  “Project Adventure” books today.

We hope you like our recommendations for must-read books and enjoy reading them all this summer. If you want to join our vast readers’ community to attend book readings, participate in contests and hear about the latest books and your favorite authors, subscribe to our YouTube channel and join us on Facebook today.

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