Must Add Books to Your 2023 TBR List

It’s almost 2023, and you know what that means: it’s finally time to organize your TBR (To Be Read) list. You might already have a stack of books calling your name. But it’s always acceptable to grab a few more—after all, you need the year’s newest, best, most-talked-about books, right? Whether you’re looking to step out of your comfort zone and read some new genres, or you’re looking for books to help inspire a new and better future, we have a list that all readers should include in their own this 2023.


The Start of the Cozy Romance Series You Can’t Miss

Rocky Mountain Yoga and Rocky Mountain Star by Virginia Fox. The first two books of this series will fill you all the warm ‘n fuzzies. In book 1, after moving to the town of Independence, Colorado, Jasmine meets some delightful local characters, such as the two sisters who run the town diner. It’s a place where everybody knows your name … and all of your business, as well! This includes Jake, the hunky town sheriff. And soon, Jasmine finds herself in the middle of a long-distance love triangle—especially as her ex-boyfriend shows no signs of giving up too easily.


Book 2, Rocky Mountain Star brings back the quirky Independence Junction citizens in a whirl wind romance and mystery. Tyler Carter flees to the mountain town after a sudden personal tragedy hits. Her dreams, lifestyle and fame come to a screeching halt when Tyler injures her knee, and can no longer preform as a ballerina. Forced to confront her past, she runs into an old fling in Colorado, but also runs into a mystery stalker, out for blood. Romance, suspense, mystery, everything you’ll find it all in this cozy book by Virginia Fox


Every TBR List Needs a Historical Romance or Two

Always a Princess book cover

Always A Princess by Clyve Rose. Speaking of romance! This one’s perfect for any of those who love to get cozy with the Regency period and romance this holiday season, enthralling you with a slow-burn love story between a Romani princess and an Englishman. This is a unique, sweet, and engrossing novel with a powerful leading woman and an endearing lesson in the grace of both cultures.


A New Series is Coming Out Jan 3rd That You’ll Need on Your TBR

Nothing says Happy New Year like a Victorian paranormal romance. The Ghost in Her: Ungilded: Book One by Anika Savoy follows Maggie, a psychic living in the Gilded Age, scared to reveal her gift to anyone for fear or being marked a witch or a lunatic. She ends up in the New Your City Lunatic Asylum, however, where she must rely on ghostly contacts to help her.


You’ll Thank Yourself for Adding this Poetry Book to your TBR List

Poetry Showcase Volume IX by The Horror Writers Association. Did you know that gathering around a fire to share ghost stories was a beloved Christmas tradition in the late 1800s and early 1900s? In fact, the Victorian era was the time to tell chilling tales. Why not bring this tradition back with frighteningly good horror poetry?



A Reader Favorite and Must Have

Double Blind: The Icelandic Manuscript Murders by Sara Winokur. Maybe you need a great thriller to get your heart pumping during the holiday season. Meet geneticist Brynja Pálsdóttir. She mines the country’s controversial DNA database to crack the country’s toughest cases. But none is so puzzling as the disappearance of her young brother, who vanished two decades earlier. Then, Brynja is stunned when a poem arrives with riddles as to his whereabouts.


A “Cli-fi” Book for Readers Who Love Science Fiction with a Dash of Climate Change

The Silent Count by EA Smiroldo. If you have an eco-conscious reader on your list, hand them this cli-fi thrill ride. The story follows Dara Bouldin, a nuclear engineer whose plan to reverse climate change turns her world upside-down in unexpected ways. Smiroldo combines real science with real-world drama to create a story that tackles vital issues.



Don’t Forget to Plan the Kids TBR List

Snoodles, Kidoodles, Poodles and Lots and Lots of Noodles by Steven Joseph. If you have a little one in your life, sharing the gift of reading is great for a budding mind. Known for his fun and entertaining style, author Steven Joseph helps both adults and kids laugh a little while they learn to embrace crankiness. This hilarious and touching new book will make kids and parents laugh aloud together.


New Year, New You, Break Free of your Mindless Behaviors

Mindless Behaviors by Beatrice Adenodi. This book is perfect if you want to grow and change your perspective for the New Year. You’ll learn from business leader, consultant and speaker Beatrice Adenodi, who reveals the mindless behaviors we replicate the expense of being true to who we really are. Only after these masks come off can people transform into their true potential. In a direct, no-nonsense tone, Adenodi encourages readers to overcome what’s holding them back in their professional and personal lives.


Is It Time to Finally Answer That Calling and Write Your Book?

Spiritual Writing from Inspiration to Publication, 2nd Edition by Deborah Herman. Are you someone who wants to get writing in 2023? What kind of writer should you become?  Why not look into spiritual writing? This book is an inspiring, motivating, and captivating look at the spiritual life and the calling to write. This unique book provides the nuts and bolts and dos and don’ts of how to get published in this oft-misunderstood arena.


For Those Wondering About Taking the Red Pill and Quitting Meat

Escape the Meatrix by Stuart Waldner. We all have New year’s resolutions looming. Why not start by eating better?  Stuart Waldner discovered this when he cut meat out of his diet and only ate plant-based food; he realized meat is not as essential to someone’s health as everyone is led to believe. Through his book, he details how plant-based foods are healthier options for people as well as the planet. Waldner is offering readers the red pill past the global propaganda of the meat industry.



Adventure Awaits in this TBR List

From The Potato To Star Trek And Beyond by Chester L. Richards. The New Year is about finding yourself, and finding out what is important to you. Take it from Chester L. Richards, with his powerful memoir, in which he discusses his near-death experiences, adventures like escaping “the Great Potato” and writing a famous Star Trek episode, and, oh yeah, becoming a rocket scientist.



Best Selling Authors and Books

It Ends with Us: A Novel Colleen Hoover. New York Times Best Selling Book, this contemporary Women’s Fiction has moved readers around the world. Lilly falls in love with a man who did not intend to start a relationship. She starts to understand why, and is put in a dangerous domestic violence situation. She seeks help from her former partner. The book I a rollercoaster of emotions that tackles a difficult subject matter with grace and sympathy.



Will by Will Smith, the memoir of the year, best seller and highly regarded, Will, is the book everyone is talking about. Everyone knows the mega stars humble beginnings to the worlds biggest movie star, rapper and entertainer. Will tells the world his story of building a family in the eyes of the media. His self-discovery journey and decisions made that landed him his current life. Some reviewers found the memoir to show an arrogant side of Will, while others praised his honesty, where do you stand?  


Fairy Tale by Stephen King. Stephen King finds himself at the top of the charts again with his latest novel, Fairy Tale. This story follows a young high school boy and his discovery of a parallel world where good faces evil. This young man, and his dog, now must lead the battle to save everything. Even though King uses distinctive fairy tale aspects, this isn’t your typical bedtime story. Find your copy on Amazon.


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