Motorbikes and Coming of Age with Michael Thomas Perone author of Danger Peak

Books That Make You Hop on That Motorbike and Drive Up That Mountain

Coming of age stories are often filled with tales of struggles, fights to fit in in the world, and, of course, obstacles to overcome on the journey.
That’s exactly what readers get in Danger Peak, the BookFest Award winner that takes us back to the 80s with three teens who are members of the motorbike-racing club The Wild Boars. With the inadvertent help of their eccentric technology teacher, Dr. Howard, they build Robert a better, faster and stronger dirt bike—piece by piece.
Haunted by flashbacks of his older brother Danny, who died trying to scale Danger Peak the year before, he discovers what lies beyond the summit of the mountain—and maybe even beyond the bounds of Earth itself.
In addition to being an award-winning author, Michael Thomas Perone has written for The Baltimore Sun, Baltimore City Paper, Long Island Voice, among others. Online, he has written for Fatherly, Yahoo!, WhatCulture!, and other websites. He works as a Senior Editor in Manhattan and lives on Long Island with his wife and two daughters.

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