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Men in This Town: A Decade of Men’s Street Style Book Review

Sydney-based Photographer and Designer Giuseppe Santamaria Showcases a Decade of Men’s Street Fashion in Men in This Town

“Clothes became canvases, and the streets became the galleries.” This quote from Giuseppe Santamaria summarizes and expresses the global catwalk in his book Men in this town: A Decade of Men’s Street Style. A catalog of men’s street fashion from all over the world from places such as New York, Tokyo, Milan, London, Toronto, L.A., and Paris are recorded in each page filled with glossy full-color images. A book for anyone who loves photography and street fashion and urban culture.

Busy streets are filled with Fashion

Men in This Town: A Decade of Men's Street Style book coverGiuseppe Santamaria decided to pick up his camera and create a visual record of men’s fashion from 2010 to 2020. It started as a blog and with the popularity of social media, he noticed that men had a new source of fashion inspiration; sort of an online look book! He started in Sydney then globe strutted to eleven different towns taking thousands of photographs. We’re glad he did because by doing so Giuseppe had also recorded the cultural shifts that were reflected in men’s fashion.

Easy on the eyes and Alluring

Light on the text and heavy with great quality color images readers will be inspired to get ideas from A Decade of Men’s Street Style. Each image tells readers the city and date the photograph was taken, giving us a glimpse of what fashion was like in that part of the world during that time. What I love about Giuseppe’s book is that many of the photos seem candid and are blended with others that aren’t overly posed giving the feel of a casual, understated look. And at other times depending on the fashion can be quite bold! This mixture of boldness and understatement gives off a certain style and vibe and will be eye-catching to anyone casually flipping through the pages as they’ll be drawn to take another look.

Get a copy of Men in This Town: A Decade of Men’s Street Style and be inspired by a decade of men’s fashion for your own wardrobe or be influenced by some other great fashion books by Giuseppe Santamaria. You can also follow him on Instagram or see his other projects here.

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