Road Trip Adventures with Mary Hollendoner, author of Monkeys on the Road

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We all dream of adventure, just packing up and taking off on the open road. But life often holds us back. We can’t just pick up and go—or can we?
From 2017 to 2021, Mary Hollendoner drove from California to Argentina in an old camper van with her husband and 6-year-old daughter. Over the course of their thirty-thousand miles of travel, they had many adventures: being surrounded by an angry mob in Mexico, or trapped in Bolivia when a political revolution erupted, or evacuated from a wildfire. Then, as Covid hit in 2020, they found themselves stuck for over a year in Argentina. All this, to name just a few.
Hollendoner chronicles her road trip in her book “Monkeys on the Road”, now an award-winning Amazon bestseller. Despite all the more harrowing or stimulating aspects of the journey, though, the heart of the story is the countless local people who welcomed them in, who treated them with nothing but kindness—and the occasional, and lovely, homecooked meal.

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