How to see the signs, then break the cycle with Marci Hopkins. Author of Chaos to Clarity

Books That  Make You Go From Chaos to Clarity

How can you see the signs, then break the cycle — or cycles — you may be trapped in?
While on the path to recovery or transformation, it’s difficult to recognize the things that may be holding you back. People often feel stuck, hopeless, like there is nothing they can do.
Marci Hopkins is the author of “Chaos to Clarity: Seeing the Signs and Breaking the Cycles”, a memoir/self-help book that helps educate readers on the road to recovery to identify – then break – the cycles in their own lives. It’s a guide to healing from your past, making amends in relationships, walking in faith, and creating your most fulfilling life.
As host, creator and executive producer of “Wake Up with Marci”, she is also an award-winning TV personality who engages personal stories and edifying, hopeful conversations with celebrities, authors and industry leaders. It airs on the CBS-owned WLNY-TV 10/55 at 10 am on Saturdays.

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