Making the Million Dollar Miracle Happen: Michael E. Bash

What if we told you a millionaire and former financial advisor to US Presidents wants to share his get-rich formula with you? Michael E. Bash served as an adviser to President Jimmy Carter and built his own multi-million-dollar fortune applying this formula. In his latest book, Million Dollar Miracle: How to Make a Million Dollars in One Day and Never Have to Work Again, he reveals how you can get rich today.

The book provides proven easy-to-use strategies to transform a piece of land into a single million-dollar payoff. So, get ready to spend the rest of your life living off the interest.  Aside from the formula, Million Dollar Miracle also includes a step-by-step guide to repeat the process for surplus paydays. It also explains how you can find and acquire properties to develop or to rezone the piece of land. You exponentially increase the value of your property in the market when you change the zoning from single-family to commercial.

Million Dollar Miracle book coverBut wait, are you wondering if real estate investment makes sense even in today’s times? Then you need to hear what Michael has to say about it. “Given the current population growth in many parts of the US, the demand for affordable housing is greater than ever. Therefore, now is the right time to educate yourself about real estate and to grab the next opportunity to become a millionaire.”

Michael E. Bash’s book includes real-life stories of prospects that came his way from incredible real estate deals to mentoring an inexperienced rich kid. All to demonstrate how he was successful in identifying and tap into their massive potential. There’s so much to learn from the illustrious life of Michael.

Know how to apply his tried-and-true techniques to make a fortune, fund your pet projects, and support the careers of those around you. Order your copy of Million Dollar Miracle today.

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