Lucky Spring Books

Spring is the time to feel lucky. There is St. Paddy’s day, blooming four-leaf clovers, lucky spring rainbows and of course, books. Take a look at our lucky spring books.

These books share how luck comes in all shapes and forms. Some characters are born lucky, while others have to make their own luck. Some seem to possess the worst luck, while some are very fortunate. One thing is for certain: everyone can use a little bit of luck.

So, pull out your good luck charm and sit down with one of these lucky spring books.


Finding Luck in America

Releasing in April, pre-order your copy now!

Yanique was born in Haiti with a dream to come to America, raise a family and practice medicine. It was a long road through the immigration process, with many setbacks. Luck was on her side when finally, after years of sacrifice and struggles, her dream became a reality… well, for the most part.

In her memoir, Unique in America, Yanique and her husband faced many obstacles while trying to gain citizenship in the U.S. However, they forged their own way and created a better life for their family. Yanique recounts, “For the past five years, almost every month on TV, we watched the plight of immigrants. Men, women, and children with haggard looks crossed the Mediterranean in flimsy boats rocked by furious waves, fleeing their native land to reach Europe. Decades before, in the 80’s, those same images shocked viewers by exposing the distress and despair of another group of people braving the treacherous Atlantic (Ocean) to reach the United States. Those lucky enough to pass the barricades, walls, fences, and barbed wires were often apprehended by marshals patrolling the coveted destination. They were detained to be sent back to the loathed places they had deserted.

“What made those people leave their country? Uproot their family? To face danger, insult, discrimination, and rejection? I can’t answer for all of them. In my case, since I’m an immigrant and share many of the characteristics of such a group, I avow it was fear coupled with hope. The fear of repression, police brutality, injustice, censorship, and political instability I had witnessed in my native country: Haiti. The hope I nourished to offer my skill and talent where I had assumed, I would get credit for them, where I could explore and materialize my dreams.”

Hard work, sacrifices and a little bit of luck helped Yanique fulfill her dream which is why this is a great story to read if you’re looking for lucky spring books.


Luck and Fate

When Connie stopped at a roadside bar that looked like it was straight out of an old western movie, she did not know her luck was about to change. After she ordered a lemonade, she noticed a young man slumped over in his seat. Clearly intoxicated, he stumbled out of the bar, but not out of her life.

Connie continued on her journey, leaving the dusty old bar in her rear-view mirror. However, fate had its own plans for Connie and the bar fly she met. The Lonely Hearts Bar, by Konni Granma, paints a collage in showing Connie’s journey and newfound friendships.


Make the Best out of Bad Luck

Janie does not classify herself as lucky. She’s anxious, OCD and at times depressed. Worst yet, she lost her husband and son in a tragic accident. No, Janie is not lucky — but that doesn’t stop her.

Next Therapist Please by Laurie Finkelstein follows Janie in her quest for health and happiness. She recounts her numerous therapists with charm and wit. Will she get lucky with therapist #7?



It All Comes Down to Luck

Rebecca thought it was an unfortunate accident the day the abrasive and smug Captain Jason Poole entered her life. When he started eating her secret rations and drinking her late father’s whisky, she wished they had never met. Soon, Rebecca would come to realize that the day she met Poole was the day her luck changed forever.

Poole was more than another homeland security soldier. He was capable of freeing the starving, distraught and suffering Americans from a corrupt government. Poole and Rebecca were lucky to find each other. If they hadn’t, who would lead the next American Revolution?

Last Call – America: Last Call Before the Darkness by Debra Tash looks at the United States in the not so distant future. The government is overreaching, controls the food supply, and categorizes its citizens, forcing them to work where the government thinks is best. Anyone who does not agree simply disappears. Will Rebecca and Captain Poole get lucky and save the people from an oppressive government?


Luck is Hard Work

Juanita must make difficult decisions, face tragic horrors, and save the world as she knows it.  The 15-year-old is either very lucky, or very unlucky, depending how you look at it. She is able to speak to ghosts, has foretelling visions, and communicates with ancestors. On the other hand, helpless souls depend on her to rescue them.

The Engine Woman’s Light by Laurel Anne Hill is an alternative steampunk/adventure novel in which luck and love help decide the future.



The Lucky Time Traveler

Matt Miller is torn from the 21st century and finds himself in Colonial America with nothing except his backpack. Matt must now figure out how to survive in the past. Will he try to find a way to get back home? Or did he get lucky and find a new life for himself?

Journeyman, by Mark J. Rose, is a unique spin on the classic time traveler story. Discover if Matt has what it takes to live in his new, harsh environment. More importantly, will he be lucky enough to impress the captivating and beautiful farm girl that has entered his life?


Luck of the Irish

Coming Soon

Author Barbara Morriss’s historic love story has a touch of the luck of the Irish. Here’s a small taste of A Promise in Autumn, “I remember your contentedness. The garden sharpens my memories of you; the fragrance of the earth and bloom bring you back to me. I feel so lucky to have known you, to have loved you.  Who says the Irish have no luck?  I miss you, but I’m not sad. I will always keep my autumn promise to you.”



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