Look at All Those Beautiful Books – the Must-Read Award-Winning Books of The BookFest® Spring 2022

Books That Make You proudly salutes the winners of the inaugural BookFest Awards. Check out the list of The BookFest Award Winners and grab copies of these highly-recommended books for your bookshelf.

The first BookFest Awards saluted an extensive list of books in many beloved genres and categories. What better way to support the talented authors who worked so hard to pen their stories and share their creative vision with the world, than by highlighting them for all to see?

The winners, announced at The BookFest’s 5th biannual virtual event, are truly exceptional and demonstrate excellence in the literary arts. The BookFest Awards honors writers who create outstanding works of fiction and nonfiction. Books That Make You is proud to not be a presenting sponsor of The BookFest, but in saluting the award-winning books and authors.

Below is a list of the first place, second place, and third place honorees. The Honorable Mentions, and more information about the winners, can be found on the Award Winners page.

The First Place Winners of The BookFest Awards Spring 2022 include these books:

100 Livestreaming & Digital Media Predictions; 50 States; A Break in the Fog; A Case for the Candle Maker; A Cold Wynter’s Knight; A Fatal Fumble; A Grownup Guide to Effective Crankiness; A Hundred Sweet Promises; Always a Princess; America of We The People; Baby Heart – Remembering Who I Am; Bacon Grief; Barbara And The Djinn; Barbies 4 Blokes; Battle Carried; Beauty Beyond the Thorns; Behavioral Astrology; Beyond the Shadows; Beyond the Shallow Bank; Beyond The Steps Of Stone; Birth of a Unicorn; Black Girl Shattered; Black Women Need Love Too; Black, White, and Gray All Over; Bluer than Indigo Leadership; Grocery Girl; Both Sides of the Border; Bowl of Night; Break Loose and Fly; Bull in a China Shop; Butterfly Awakens; Constellations; Cost of Arrogance; create Forever Teammates; Crude Awakenings; Cute for a Black Girl; Dark River; Days of the Dead; Dead Cereus; Death’s Intern; Deehabta’s Song; Deprived Expression Vibes; Despite The Buzz; Don’t Mind Me, I’m Just Having a Bad Life; Dr. ALTMAN and THE CONCUBINES; Dragon Twins; Dragons Within; Dream Shatter; Duke of Renown; Dwelling; Embody; Enough About Me; Family Crystals; Fighting the Darkness; Fin; Find Your Voice, Save Your Life 3; Follows and Likes Is This All That I’m Worth?; From Tibet to Egypt; Ghosted; Glass House; Gloria Finds Her Voice; Glue; Groovy Girl; Hamlet in Baltimore; Help My Business Is Holding Me Hostage; Honoring the Legacy; Hot House; House of Bastiion; I Saw What I Saw; In This Room…; Independence; Inside Passage; Into a Reluctant Sunrise; JUMP; Kindness Week; Kingfisher; Laughers; Let’s Be Friends; Lovely Oblivion; Loyalty, Love & Vermouth; Make it a Double; Marketing Strategy; Mates and Memories; Monkeys on the Road; Moriarty; Multicultural Mindfulness; My Brother’s Keeper; Nighttime Fantasy; Ninety-Nine Fire Hoops; No Names to Be Given; Nowonderland; Oddball Ornaments; Our Church Mothers; Out of Poland – Novella; Outlaw’s Redemption; Overcoming; Paint Me Fearless; Pawprints On Our Hearts; Peculiar Savage Beauty; Perfectly Poetic; Plague of Flies; POEMZ 4 U AND YOURZ; Project Adventure Box Set; QUESTIONS; Radical Belonging; RECLAIMING THE SACRED SOURCE; Return from Darkness; River’s Call; Scatter Seeds of Kindness; Season of the Runer Book I; Secret of the Starflower; Secrets of the Permafree Book; Serve ‘N’ Protect; Sick as our Secrets; Sight Unseen; Signal 41; Silver; Skein of Fates; Sky Light Ends; Slavery 101; Star Revelations; Tears of the Wolf; Terriers in the Jungle; The 400-Year Holocaust; The 8 Qualities of the EXCEPTIONAL Black Woman in Business and Entrepreneurship; The Calorie Counting Diet plus 4 other books; The Darkest Gift – Revised edition; The Dragon From Guangzhou; The Drive To Freedom; The Enigma Threat; The Fate Unfollowed; The Flipping Blueprint; The Ghosts of Marshley Park; The Hero’s Journey; The Illusion of a Boy; The Ins and Outs of My Vagina; The Jump; The Kid Code; The Lambda Factor; The Lunar Codex; The Maestro Monologue; The Mayfly and the Methuselah Tree; The Mystery of Tully Hall; The Picture Wall; The Prayer Warrior; The Rescue; The Road to Villa Page; The Sweetest Ladybug; The Underground Dogs; THE VOYAGE; This Hallowed Ground; Time Stamps; To the Monsters of My Past; Toofer & The Giblet; Touch; Trailing Redemption; Trauma Survivor’s Guide to Coping With Panic Attacks; Trials and Tribulations of Modesty Greene; Tribal Affairs; Twinkle; Uncle Sam’s Daughter; Uncolonized Latinas; UNDER COLOR OF LAW; Unfortunate; Unsound; Using Japanese Paper for Digital Printing of Photographs; Voice of a Mummy; Waiting for Normal; When God Says NO; When Mommy’s Busy; When My Mind Winds Up; When the Words Suddenly Stopped; WHEN TO RUN, BORN SCARED; Wisdom; Writes of Passage.

The Second Place Winners of The BookFest Awards Spring 2022 include these books:

A Beautiful Heart; A Final Call; A Lady Wears Pearls; A Murderous Christmas; A Prelude to War; A Rhythm of Opposites; A Tomato Grows in Brooklyn; Alien Orders; All the Crimson Roses; All We Need Is Love; Analyzing the Black Box; Angels, of Course; Animal Lab; Arlen’s Gun; Atlas and the Multiverse; Believing In Horses Out West; Beloved Woman A Historical Novel; Benny from the Block; Black and White; BOYS’ SECRETS AND MEN’S LOVES; Brayden the Great Warrior; Catch Me; CONFRONTING THE ENEMY; Conversions of a Colored Girl; COURTNEY M.; Danny’s Amazing Day!; Dark Vengeance; Eagle Ascending; Enlighten Up!; Eternal Vigilance; Graphic noiz manga 3; Grydscaen; “Harder I Fall, the Higher I Bounce”; Imelda’s Secret; In Gray; INDIFFERENTS; I’ve Been Havin’ Dreams…; Legend of Ashneer, Creature of Darkness; Love and Honour?; Lucky Ride; Mail-Order Family; Mermaid Steel; Monkey Island; Mr. Sunnyside; My Brother, the King; My Dad Took Me To Outer Space; Nekora; Nerida Kai; Nobody Left Out; Paid to Be Perfect; Perfectly Imperfect; Phantom of Execution Rocks; Return to Kiluemar; RILEY & BEN; Ronnie’s Pool; Running Against The Odds; Searching for Sarah; September to Summer; Shadow’s Past; Shadow’s Voice; Sting of the Scorpion; Superheroes Here and There; “Swimming, Not Drowning”; Tadpoles; Taking My Life Back; “Tell my son, Thank you”; That Night; “That’s It, I’m Fired”; The Banana Farm; The Case of the Magic Fluke; The Cottage; The Dancing Hippo; The Diary of an Army Wife; The Examined Life; The G Code Glow Up; The Last Time; The Little Doctor / el Doctorcito; The Pinkerton and the Wizard; The Pizza-Pyre; The Saga of Evil Monkey Man! Season One; The Sentinel of the Chakra Stones; The Silver Stranger; The Smoke in His Eyes; The Three Little Pigs and the Rocket Project; There are no Saints; Through the dark; TRUTHS of LIFE through 101 APHORISMS; Twisting Further into Darkness; Valiente; When the Crown Gambles; Why Mommy Gets High; You Will Never Be Normal.

The Third Place Winners of The BookFest Awards Spring 2022 include these books:

Flames of adventure embers of darkness; A Girl Named Dara; A Hundred Honeymoons; A Poetic Spanking; A Reckless Heart; A World Without Emotions – Evolution; Best Friends Forever; Blind Justice; Claire’s Voice; Dancing with Death; Death’s Curses; Douchebags to Diamonds; Drunk Talk; Dying for a Drink; Flames of adventure embers of darkness; Innocent Lives; Italian Bones in the Snow; Jane Leaps Through Headaches; Little Pink Book; Love My Hair; Max and the Spice Thieves; My Love Affair; Night of The Phantom; Pages and Leaflets of North Oxfordshire; Preacher Raises the Dead; Queen Alora and Winter Ease; Revelation Through Science; SAFE From the Pain; Seduction of the Seducer of Seducers – Another Platitudinous Upanishad; Straight Enough; Suicide Jockeys; The Anniversary; The Chupacabra and the Bat Rastard; The Day Ain’t Over Yet; The Girl with the Golden Hair; The Kid Chronicles; The Kingdoms of Felspar; The Last Stop on the 6; The Legacy He Left Me; The Life of the Honey Bee; The Lost Heir; The Tree of Zaqqum; The Waiting Room; The Way of Life; Things That Crash, Things That Fly; Time Benders and The Long Road Home; Writing Wrongs.

Books are judged using an array of criteria to evaluate story, message, genre, theme, and aesthetics. Awards are bestowed based on genre and subgenre, as well as other categories such as best cover art and best website. There are four levels of awards including first place, second place, third place and honorable mention.

When considering your next book purchase, be on the lookout for these books and authors. Not only will you be sure to have a fantastic book to read, but you’ll be supporting the hard work and the creative vision of writers who deserve to be honored.

The next BookFest Awards for The BookFest Fall 2022 will be open for submissions soon. People are encouraged to register for email updates on the website to stay informed, and to join The BookFest Adventure Facebook Group.

The BookFest is produced by Black Château Enterprises and presented by Bookstagrammers, a platform dedicated to book influencers. It launched May 2020 at a time when lockdown forced many live events to be cancelled. Free to attend, the biannual event happens in the spring and fall, and streams panel discussions, conversations, and live interactive sessions. The BookFest features an array of literary speakers, experts, and authors, which has included: Mitch Albom; Kevin J. Anderson; Mark Coker; Robert G. Diforio; Cheryl Willis Hudson; Wade Hudson; Sarah Kendzior; Jonathan Maberry; Lisa Morton; James Rollins; Connie Schultz; Michael Shermer; Mark K. Shriver; Danny Trejo; Helene Wecker; Dr. Chanda Prescod-Weinstein, and many others. For more information, visit https://www.thebookfest.com/.

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