Living off the grid with Yvonne Wakefield, author of the Babe in the Woods series

We’re talking about Books That Make You Unplug From the World and Go Build A Cabin in the Woods

We’ve all had that vision of being off in our own secluded cabin in the woods. Maybe it’s because we want to escape society for a little while or go off and be creative — write, paint, dance with no one watching. Live life in a pure, simple, natural way. Live off the land and be in harmony with nature.

Our guest today, Yvonne Wakefield, did just that at age 18. Now, just a few years later, she is here to tell us how she did it, why she did it. How you could do it, or how you might replicate such an experience. Or at least take Yvonne’s advice and put down your phone and take a walk in the woods.

Yvonne Wakefield is the author of the series of books “Babe in the Woods.” Book One was recently re-released, and Book Two, “Babe in the Woods: Self Portrait,” was just released for the first time.

Today, even though the cabin is no longer her primary residence, Yvonne continues to stay there on and off, relying on the same tools and techniques of living in the wilderness that she used as a teenager. She is an artist, a teacher, she has her doctorate and has taught art to every age and on many other continents. And she is here with us today.

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