Living a Greener Life with Lucia Matuonto’s New Book, Out of The Box

Out of The Box: A New World by Lucia Matuonto talks about climate change to children in a refreshing and compassionate way. The issue of climate change and global warming is rampant, which is why the younger generation needs to be aware of the actions that can contribute and make an impact on our society. If you’re looking for a children’s book that tackles the importance of a greener life, then this book is for you.

Out of The Box: A New World

Lucia Matuonto, a best-selling author, and children’s physiotherapist just released her latest book, Out of The Box: A New World, which is a children’s book published by Relatable Media LLC. The book is set in Grey City, a city surrounded by walls, with no trees around, but only factories, smog, and dirt. The story follows a brother and sister, Noah, and Mila, when their dog Buster digs a hole under the city’s walls one day, which leads to an escape to the other side. Little did they know, a beautiful town named Green Town awaits them on the other side.


In Green Town, Noah and Mila will encounter new faces who can show them what it is like to breathe clean, unpolluted air and see trees everywhere they go. Noah and Mila haven’t heard of Green Town before, but it’s undoubtedly a whole new world.

Importance Of Greener Living

Out of The Box: A New World is a fun and engaging book about discovering new places, friendship, and exploring our wonderful world. It will allow the children to connect more with the environment through the eyes of Noah and Mila. The book features two contrasting worlds, Grey City, filled with pollution and no trees, and Green Town, which has clean air and trees everywhere.

For a children’s book, the message of the book is very timely for raising awareness about how living a greener. Each one of us, no matter our age, should strive for a world like Green Town. Help preserve the beauty of our planet and act on minimizing our imprint on the world.  Aside from that, Out of The Box also explains that it’s okay to go ‘out of the box.’ Go out of your comfort zone, and don’t be afraid to explore the hidden wonders of the world. You’ll get a lot of experiences and meet various kinds of people who can help you in one way or another. Maintaining the earth’s equilibrium is essential today and for future generations.


Out of The Box: A New World is currently available on Amazon. Grab your copy now!

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