Let Your Inner Golden Sparkle Shine

I wrote my book, Let Your Inner Golden Sparkle Shine, to teach children and their parents how to experience their wholeness and perfection. In the book, a young girl named Little Vie learns that she is powerful and perfect no matter what messages she receives from others. My goal in writing this book is to help our children connect at an early age to the pureness and light always inside them before they begin believing in the limitations of this unhealed world. Through a simple mantra, Little Vie teaches children to connect to their hearts and live their lives with self-love and courage, the super powers we all have within us.


This best-selling book, launched February 11, is a celebration of my own inner healing and gives our children the tools for loving and believing in themselves that I wish I’d had when I was a child. Little Vie is me as a six-year-old girl with sparkly hopes and dreams before I learned to attach to other people’s ideas of what was right for me or what I “should” do.


Like many women, the need to find my value outside of myself permeated everything I did as a child and into adulthood. Tying my self-worth to outside validation led to me feeling less than and not enough and negatively affected my connection to myself. The missing piece of my life puzzle was learning to slow down in my everyday life and tune in to who I truly am. My personal struggles and self-reinvention have led me to teach others to let go of old, disempowering beliefs and embrace their own inner “Shine.”


As an energy healer, meditation guide and embodiment coach for the past 5 years, my focus has been to understand why so many of us have been unable to heal the pain and trauma that we live with each day. Often the festering pain hidden beneath our patterns of criticizing, berating and abandoning ourselves is too painful to feel without the support of a loving witness. I help my clients see that the limitations we believe about ourselves are a lie and do not belong to our infinite truth. Together we clear away the beliefs that keep us from fully living and embracing our light.


Children aren’t born with the limiting beliefs of “I’m not enough,” or “I can’t,” or “I hate my body.” These are learned limitations from others’ unhealed wounds that become our identity as adults. We are born with only pureness, happiness and light. As I remind my little readers, by deep breathing and crossing our hands across our hearts, we can begin the practice of slowing down, understanding which thoughts are our truth and which thoughts don’t align. We then can practice connecting energetically with our bodies and begin understanding the charge that shows up from the thoughts that we think.


It has been my mission to help adults clear patterns of trauma and dysfunction, so we can parent the next generation in ways that help them to live more joyfully and empowered. Helping our children connect to their minds and bodies and learn to trust their truth and light at an early age helps us as parents heal those wounded parts of ourselves too.


My greatest achievement, other than raising my four self-loving, confident children, has been to help other women and their children find inner peace, through connection to themselves, which in turn allows them to let go of the need for external validation and fully express their light and truth. Let Your Inner Golden Sparkle Shine represents the full circle back to my infinite truth. Order your copy on Amazon.

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