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Let Steve Wide Be Your Personal Guru to All Things Grunge in a Field Guide to Grunge

A field guide to Grunge written by Steve Wide is for music lovers who love the 1990’s music genre Grunge. Where did Grunge originate? What cultural climate created this iconic style of music? Who are the major singers and bands that created it, and why is it so popular? Steve Wide explores these topics and much more in this visually enticing field guide to all things Grunge.

Visually Enticing as Well as Literarily Informative

Large, bold, punchy. These words describe the Grunge genre of music and also describe the look and feel of Steve Wide’s A field guide to Grunge. Your inner graphic designer or the creative artist will be drawn to the bright red background, large and clear black and white bold text, and highlighting. Just like the 90’s music era it explores, the look on each page will draw readers in.

Grunge Timeline from Birth through Evolution

A Field Guide to Grunge book coverSteve Wide talks about the cultural climate that brought about Grunge in the explosive manner it came onto the scene in the early 1990’s such as general malaise and growing distrust. Seattle was the perfect place to birth a countercultural music revolution, and Steve shows this with his visually bold timeline starting from the mid-1960s to the late 1990s. Anyone who loves music or Grunge will find it visually appealing to trace this genre. There’s even a Grunge family tree with all the bands and its members laid out for readers to peruse over. It’s pretty fun to be able to “trace” back Grunge’s roots. A Field Guide to Grunge feels complete as it discusses the major albums, release dates, labels, and producers and then delves even deeper into the artists whose names we know.

Any music lover and creative type will really love this book! Readers can read it cover to cover as it’s packed with interesting facts. Those who love to scan and want to look up specific information will find it fun to do so as it’s made to be appealing and easy that way. Lastly, just the visual look and feel will draw those in who are of a more graphic/visual and creative nature as Steve Wide has made it striking, bold, yet balanced.

Pick up a copy of A field guide to Grunge or go here to learn more about Steve and read some of his other books. You can also follow him on Instagram to see the latest on what he’s up to!

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