Trailblazing women for equality, On the Shoulders of Mighty Women with Lesley Michaels

Books That  Make You Become an Equity Warrior

The women who came before us created space for us all. They did this for us, to give us opportunities they could never reach themselves.
According to author Lesley Michaels, the legacy they left is simple: create your own space and own it. Lean into your womanhood. Celebrate your potential.
Michaels’ “On the Shoulders of Mighty Women” is a modern feminist’s guide to an equitable, diverse world. She takes you on an exploration of life, womanhood, feminism, and the oft-disorienting effects of the three colliding as women struggle to hold up more than just their half of the sky.
She was born to feminism. Her foundational ethos was shaped by her audacious paternal grandmother, a First Wave feminist and savvy businesswoman. She came of age just as Second Wave feminism became a significant American social movement. She was later one of the first women to break through the glass ceiling in the “old boy” industry of oil and gas.
Lesley then became a leader in the coaching industry, and has since mentored Fortune 500 C-Suite executives. Today, she facilitates virtual programs on topics ranging from “Discovering Personal Freedom Through Self-Trust” to “Building Strategic Alliances of Women”. She also hosts the weekly podcast, “Women We Should Know”.

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