Last Call – America: Last Call Before Darkness Falls, Warns of a Totalitarian American Dictatorship

Debra Tash’s Book, Last Call – America: Last Call Before Darkness Falls is Relevant in Today’s Political Climate

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Author Debra Tash warns of certain ruin should the United States fall under a totalitarian dictatorship in her recent dystopian novel, Last Call – America: Last Call Before Darkness Falls.


In Last Call, Tash forecasts America’s bleak future with a thought-provoking story set in a devastated post-constitutional America. Citizens live under martial law, stripped of their basic human rights. A firing squad is waiting for any American who will not succumb to the government’s authority. As people in the countryside accept their meager rations of food, an unlikely alliance between a man and a woman is about to change everything. The two main characters join together to start the next American Civil War.


With globalism and government regulation crippling individual rights more and more every day, Last Call is a timely narrative that speaks volumes in today’s political environment. As a property rights advocate, Tash sees the negative effects of regulation and its destruction of individual sovereignty on a daily basis.


It’s not too late, Tash says, “This is a story that may hit close to home.  I hope readers find that there is still time, no matter their political stripe, to salvage our country and to face the hard truth of what is happening to us now and fight it. We must protect the individual, not the collective. In protecting the rights of each person, we prosper. And sometimes you have to fight to win back what you’ve lost.”


Ultimately, Last Call is a story about the unbreakable spirit of the American people that will always stand up for what they value most: freedom, justice, equality, family, and love for the country.


About the Author:

Debra Tash is an acclaimed American author, journalist, and speaker who gets her inspiration from current and past events. Her award-winning books focus on positive morals and uplifting themes.


A Los Angeles native, Tash serves as Editor in Chief of Citizens Journal, a Ventura County based online news site that covers current and breaking news in Ventura and Los Angeles Counties. She lectures for organizations such as the DAR, The American Association of University Women, and the Southern California Federated Women’s Club. She also served as a panelist at the Historical Novel Society’s North American Conference.


Tash is also passionate about art, particularly painting, with several pieces touring internationally in Japan. As a Docent at the world-renowned Getty Museum and Getty Villa, she gave tours and spoke on historical figures and art.


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