Last Call America: Last Call Before Darkness Falls – THE Dysopian Novel to Read

The dystopian genre of books is my absolute favorite, followed closely by the romance genre. However, the two almost never co-exist well in literature. This is why I was surprised by Last Call. This political, speculative fiction novel combines my two favorite genres astonishingly well. Last Call tactfully intertwines a love story with a dystopian plot in a way that keeps you enthralled to the last page.

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The novel starts in a small, all-American town. However, you quickly discover that this is not the America as we know it. All town residents must be inside, lights out, by curfew. People line up to receive their weekly rations. It’s cold, solemn, and eerie. The government owns all food, medicine, drinks, and more. The idea of private property is one that is bygone, relegated to the annals of history. The military confiscates all goods, then redistributes to the people as the state sees fit. The United States is a totalitarian American dictatorship. Children are starving as rations are routinely cut. Citizens are getting desperate and frantic. As starvation sets in, the belief that government knows best is starting to fade.

Rebecca is lucky. Well, as lucky as a person in her situation can be. As her late father was a “prepper”, she and her sister have a store of food and supplies. When a solider named Poole is made aware of Rebecca’s secret stash, well….without giving away the story I’ll just say this; the two quickly realize they are against the all-powerful government and decide they can no longer stand by and watch as American citizens are murdered for not conforming.  Rebecca and Poole start a revolution.

I enjoyed reading Last Call from start to finish. The characters had depth and the narrative was fantastically written. Last Call compelled me to reflect on the current state of American government and political trends. As an American, this novel has made a lasting impression upon me. It leads one to ponder – is such an America possible?

I found myself highlighting passage after passage; there were so many impactful moments. For instance, “’Do you you really think the government is on your side? Haven’t you noticed your rations being cut…have they sent you home hungry?… And, If you didn’t go home, you’ll be dead. We have orders to shoot you. He motioned to his men, then swept his hand toward the crowd. ‘Shoot on sight. Without question. Is that the American way? Without a trial? No Judge. No Jury. Just Shoot!”

Last Call encompasses the true American spirit; the will to be free of tyranny . The book is now one of my favorites, along with Brave New World. This is THE dystopian novel I will recommend from now on.

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