Konni Granma Creates A One of a Kind Story

Konni Granma is the author of the newly released novel, The Lonely Hearts Bar. She describes her work as modern prose. It’s unique in that it’s a novel that feels like a screenplay. It’s raw with emotion, vivid details, and makes you feel like you’re a part of the story, hanging out with the gang.

The novel starts with Connie making a pit stop on her road trip. She cautiously walks into at rundown tavern in the middle of nowhere. While sipping her lemonade she notices David, passed out and belligerent. She wonders what in his life causes him to day drink all by himself in a dusty old bar. Soon she hops back on the road and continues to her destination, the city of angles. After starting her classes at college she surprisingly runs into David again and is introduced to his roommate, Lee. The three become fast friends as they navigate their way through college and early adulthood.

What Is Your Inspiration for The Lonely Hearts Bar?

  • During that period of my life, the main source of inspiration for “The Lonely Hearts Bar” was that I myself needed this story, these characters. So they found me.

Can You Tell Us About the Book?

  • The plot of “The Lonely Hearts Bar” is largely connected with arguments about the greatness of the Universe and time, which causes the main characters to change their lives and follow the path of their dreams, the very path that we all are very afraid of. Each of the characters will be in the bar, it is the “The Lonely Hearts Bar”, where instead of whiskey bottles are hidden bottles with locked childhood dreams, insane imagination and incredible faith that we all had once had, and which we lost with age. I can quite call this book/screenplay my lifeguard, because it came at that time when I had a serious choice and many questions about my future profession, university, moving to the megalopolis.

Can You Tell Me Some Fun Facts About You?

Konni Granma
  • I think the funniest fact about me is to be a «mysophobe» (abnormal fear of filth, dirt and infectious), «trypanophobe» (extreme fear of medical procedures involving injections or hypodermic needles) and «veinphobe» (fear of veins), but at the same time to be a fifth year medical student. By the way, I am preparing for an exam on infectious diseases right now J

Any Future Writing Projects?

  • At the moment there are two novels “Pulse” and “The Story of Matthew and Sky: Mercury and Mars” at the editing stage, which are waiting for their future literary agent 🙂 I confess, these stories turned out to be emotionally complex. I even had to make a time out to complete the final chapters. And, of course, in the future, two books about the continuation of the characters life of “The Lonely Hearts Bar”.

What Should The World Know About Your Book?

  • That my characters, unlike me, are brave guys who have come a hard way and their story deserves to be known.

How Do You Think Your Book Relates to People Today?

  • I think my book can relate to any time, because Homo sapiens and after 30 years will wonder about the meaning of life and be afraid to take a step towards an encounter to own dream.

What Do You Hope Will Be the Everlasting Thoughts After Finishing Your Book?

  • The desire to re-read it again.

What Should Remain with Them Long After Putting It Down?

  • The feeling that comes after watching an amazing movie, when you say to yourself: “Now this is my favorite movie!” 🙂

If People Can Only Buy One Book This Month, Why Should It Be Yours?

  • Because now is the time to open “bottles” with crazy dreams from your lonely hearts bar.

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