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As we are in the midst of the global pandemic we hope to bring some fun and adventure to those safe at home. Check out the festivities with the thrilling bookish online adventure, The BookFest for the Fall of 2020. The BookFest returned with a Fall theme of bigger, brighter, and broader appeal to be inclusive to the rapidly-growing global stage for virtual events. The BookFest had an irresistible line-up of guest speakers, authors, thought-leaders.  The BookFest delivered thought-provoking entertainment, you can checkout readings, videos and more at The BookFest

Here’s a glimpse into the treasure trove of this season’s collection of The BookFest books

Surviving Remote Work – Sharon Koifman

Author Sharon Koifman is a survivor. He survived the dot com crash, outsourcers that mastered English, building and leading a remote business spanning four continents – with two toddlers in tow. Needless to say, that Sharon didn’t just survive remote work, but he thrived within it. In his timely book, Sharon shares all his firsthand experiences and rigorously time-tested techniques to help you succeed as you work from home.

Inside, you’ll learn the tools, strategies, and tactics to survive and thrive as a leader in the remote age. You’ll learn how to keep your company culture alive remotely – or even build one from scratch. Pre-order your copy now and learn how to Survive Remote Work!


Pandemica – Jonathan Maberry

Jonathan Maberry, the author of Pandemica, New York Times bestselling author, 5-time Bram Stoker Award-winner, and comic book writer, joins the “Masters of the Macabre – Discussing the Things that Go Bump in Their Books” panel at The BookFest. It’s a discussion about the things in the books that give us chills and thrills on crisp Autumn nights.

Pandemica is a graphic novel about a war sieged America. The shadow government seeks ethical cleansing by preparing to launch “purity bombs.” The entire humanity is under attack and forced into permanent darkness. There is a small ray of hope in a child that can prevent this from happening. Will a handful of scientists and former SpecOps shooters succeed in protecting her from the immoral forces?

To unlock the answer and get to the hopefully happy ending, grab your copy of Pandemica now.


The Commander – Kevin Groh

Kevin Groh, author of The Omni Legend Series with the first book, The Commander: Guardian of Utopia, joins The BookFest panel on “The World Sucks, Let’s Build a New One – Imagining Tomorrow’s World Today.”

The Commander takes you to Utopia, humanity’s second home for over two centuries. In a world controlled by the military and corporations fighting advanced alien races, you are met with 18-year-old Carter Sanders. At the boot camp, Carter trains in weaponry, close-quarter combat, strategy, and tactics. Training exercises and missions test his bravery, while female recruits test his moral fiber in close situations.

As per military policy, bionic upgrades for soldiers enhance strength and speed. But it could also harm their morale. Experience Carter’s struggles at the camp for righteousness and survival during combat in unknown worlds.

Omni Legends – The Commander – Guardian of Utopia is the first book in an epic New Adult military sci-fi fantasy series, releasing in the United States in English in early 2021.


A Grownup Guide To Effective Crankiness – Steven Joseph

Steven Joseph, Author of The Grown-Up Guide to Effective Crankiness, is an attorney, negotiator, marathon runner, and someone smart enough to know that he hasn’t figured everything out…except for crankiness. You can catch him at The BookFest’s panel discussion on “Self-Help Books When We Need Them Most.”

Aren’t we all cranky at times? A 100% infection rate calls for the need to find effective ways to be temperamental to better support each other through those times. That we are careful about not hurting the ones we love most. This book explores efficient crankiness strategies and important life lessons while keeping it fun and engaging with humorous tales.

Visit The BookFest to learn more about the book and the author.


Fine – AmyLea Murphy

Author, AmyLea Murphy is an attorney turned writer of Fine that uncovers the dark truth of a young, seemingly fine, teenager’s life, months before she goes missing. Catch her discussion of the effects of the current social movement and pandemic crisis on teens’ views of the world on the “Young Adult Fiction in a Time of Tumult” panel of The BookFest.

Fine follows the story of Anna Williams—straight-A student, cheerleader, and all-around golden child who vanished six years ago. After all these years, no one knows what happened or why. When her younger sister, Katie, decides to take the investigation into her own hands, she discovers that some questions aren’t so easy to answer.

Will this unsettling, surprising, and ultimately hopeful mystery lead to a happy ending? There’s just one way to find out. Grab your copy of Fine today.


A Prison Without Locks – David Ruggerio

Amazon bestselling author and the recipient of the Maxy Award for Best Horror 2019 for the debut horror novel, A Wisftful Tale of Gods, Men and Monsters, David Ruggerio is set to launch his next horror novel, A Prison Without Locks, this November. We are delighted to have him at The BookFest.

In A Prison Without Locks, a journalist named Marlene Bourke-White asks, “What frightens you?” as she talks about Wawarsing. Wawarsing is a peculiar place with a high number of mysterious cases of disappearances. When you flip through the pages, you will discover how a doctor is the root of all the evil in this town. As Halloween arrives, the threats begin to creep up. Can the timing be any spookier? Can the town’s residents win against the rising vile?

Order your advance reading copy to be the first to read the outcome of the dramatic showdown between good vs. evil.


418: I Am a Teapot – Edgar Scott

Edgar Scott, Economist, turned computer scientist, futurist, and author of the forthcoming 418 is also part of “The World Sucks, Let’s Build a New One – Imagining Tomorrow’s World Today” (LINK?) panel at The BookFest Fall 2020.

Edgar’s upcoming book, 418: I Am a Teapot is a near-future dystopian sci-fi novel that takes you to a world where people renounce the right to their physical body by choice, birth, or punishment. Their brains are constantly-connected to a virtual interface enjoying a fantasy world of endless indulgences. But here’s the catch, while their minds have fun, their bodies are controlled by implants doing the filthiest and most dangerous jobs known to humanity.

Doesn’t it make for a fascinating plot of a dystopian movie? We bet you can’t wait to hear about the pre-order announcements. But in the meantime, you can learn more about the author here.


The Perfect Revenge – WilD

Meet the team behind The Perfect Revenge series on the “My Precious! Why Writers Should Stop Being Precious about Their Manuscript” panel at The BookFest. More often than not, writers get precious about their writing, refuse to make changes, or ask for professional guidance. Join this candid discussion with industry experts, if you dare…

The Perfect Revenge: The Dragonfly Rises is the first book in The Perfect Revenge saga. The inspiring women’s fiction follows Zoey through her journey from a terrifying childhood to strong independent womanhood as she takes matters into her own hands. The novel is packed with romance, street justice, drama, and more.

Root for Zoey as she rises above her past and moves forward to achieve her ultimate goal – the perfect revenge then grab your copy of the racy thriller on Amazon now.


The Talk: Conversations about Race, Love & Truth – Wade Hudson & Cheryl Willis Hudson

It was relevant back then and is even more relevant now after all this time. As trailblazers, the husband and wife team founded Just Us Books in 1988 to address the need for more African American children’s books in the market. Wade Hudson and Cheryl Willis Hudson speak about why black books and authors matter in the intimate conversation at The BookFest in “A Conversation with Wade Hudson and Cheryl Willis Hudson – Black Books Matter.”

Their book The Talk: Conversations about Race, Love & Truth showcases the conversations thirty diverse, award-winning authors and illustrators’ have with their children about race in America today. It is a powerful call for action that invites all families to be anti-racists and advocates for change.

If you haven’t already, get your copy of The Talk: Conversations about Race, Love & Truth on Amazon today.


DOUBLE BLIND: The Icelandic Manuscript Murders – Sara Winokur

Double Blind Book ImageDOUBLE BLIND: The Icelandic Manuscript Murders will make for a perfect addition to your must-read list of thrillers this Fall. Sara Winokur’s chilling Icelandic saga takes you to the mystical fjords where a terrifying mystery is about to unfold. Brynja is a forensic geneticist in the coveted national DNA database. One day a note lands on her desk that could potentially hold answers to the disappearance of her twin brother twenty years ago. Her quest is not going to be easy. She is about to risk her job, the lives of her loved ones, and her own life to a plausible psychopath killer.

Are you rooting for Brynja to solve the life-threatening twisted puzzle? Then you’ve got to get your hands on the DOUBLE BLIND: The Icelandic Manuscript Murders today.


Junker Blues – Lon Varnadore

Lon Varnadore, author of Junker Blues, Mostly Human, and other fantasy novels joins The BookFest panel on “The World Sucks, Let’s Build a New One – Imagining Tomorrow’s World Today.” The diverse gamut of fiction writers discusses the fictional worlds we love to read about, dystopian, science fiction, fantasy, and speculative odyssey.

Fasten your seat belts and get ready for take-off to the outer space with the Junker Blue Series. Marcus, the protagonist, is a junkologist who scavenges abandoned space ships for advanced tech. The page-turner dwells into Marcus’ race for survival while fighting the evil aliens, space gangsters, and the Martian Defense Force. On one of his many valiant expeditions, he comes across something that will change his life forever.

If you are looking for some hi-tech cosmic adventure, order your copy of Junker Blues: Mars on Amazon.


Troublemakers: Silicon Valley’s Coming of Age – Leslie Berlin 

Leslie Berlin, author of Troublemakers: Silicon Valley’s Coming of Age, Project Historian for the Silicon Valley Archives at Stanford University, will join The BookFest panel on “Books, Authors and Genres Evolving from Silicon Valley.”

Her book explores the deeply researched history of Silicon Valley’s early years. It’s a compelling narrative of the innovators, exceptional men, and women who ended up changing the world. The book features Mike Markkula, chairman of Apple; Bob Taylor, the mastermind behind the personal computer; Sandra Kurtzig, the first woman software entrepreneur; Bob Swanson, the cofounder of Genentech; Al Alcorn, the Atari engineer of the first successful video game amongst other well-known names of Silicon Valley. 


Learn how these troublemakers rewrote the rules and invented the future. Order Troublemakers: Silicon Valley’s Coming of Age on Amazon today.


This is not all—The BookFest website houses over fifty books in the Fall edition. For more fascinating books by your favorite authors, visit The BookFest Books page. The BookFest® Fall 2020 happened on Saturday, October 24, and Sunday, October 25, 2020, but if you missed it, you can still check out the videos! There were Panel Discussions; Live Ask an Author Chats; Spooky Author Readings presented by The Horror Writers Association’s LA Chapter and Vertikal Life Magazine; Virtual Booths; A fun scavenger hunt, and of course, the Giveaways sponsored by Owl Crate and Books That Make You. Don’t miss out. Sign up for the newsletter to get future info on the next The BookFest.


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