Italian cooking from Brooklyn, with David Ruggerio author of A Tomato Grows in Brooklyn

Books That Make You Hungry—Then Cook Like an Italian Chef

Cookbooks are a wonderful bookish accessory to every kitchen. From grandma’s baker’s rack to every modern kitchen, there is something about the recipes in those pages that inspire us, make us cook like a pro, and of course, make us ever so hungry.

David Ruggerio is not a stranger to the Books That Make You show. He is a super chef turned writer. We had him on last fall talking about his horror novel, “A Wistful Tale of Gods, Men and Monsters”. Then again for “Goodbye and Goodnight”, a love story for the ages. Now, he’s here to share some of his amazing recipes with his new cookbook: “A Tomato Grows in Brooklyn”.

Ruggerio takes readers back to Brooklyn and introduces them to the Italian-American experience and cuisine he knows, grew up with, and adores.

Legendary New York Times food critic Bryan Miller says, “David Ruggiero has crafted an outstanding book: an evocatively written memoir of a special time and place that nurtured his rise to culinary fame, and a compilation of irresistible family Italian dishes, many with a brazen Brooklyn accent.”

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