Interview with Phillip Hampton, Author of Shadowland

Q. Can you tell us about your book?

A.My novel focuses on how one man must confront his demons in order for his family to survive a string of supernatural events that will test the fabric of his family and test his belief in himself.

Q. What is your favorite excerpt from your book?

A.This is my favorite excerpt from Shadowland.
“Suddenly, the room began to crackle and pop as the shadows peeled themselves away from the walls. Twig-like fingers reached out from the murk. Pointy heads spiral down from the ceiling. Not certain what he was witnessing, Aaron slashed wildly at the wraiths, but his blade glided through them effortlessly.”


Q. Where did you find your inspiration for your book?

A.The inspiration for the novel came from my wife. She had awakened in the middle of the night one evening to use the bathroom. She came back in a panic telling me she had seen a shadow of a man in the living room and urging me to go out into the living room and investigate.

Q. How is your book different from other books in the same genre?

A.My novel not only incorporates African and Black themes into the story but also the dynamics of family and love.

Q. What’s one thing you want the reader to remember about your book long after they finish?

A.The evolutionary journey of the characters in the novel when faced with unfathomable circumstances.

Q. Do you have other books in the works?

A.I am currently working on a follow-up novel to Shadowland. Also, I intend to for the characters Urbi Houna and Jennifer Taylor to have their own stand-alone novels.

Q. What do you wish you knew before you started to write your book?

A.LOL! I wish I know how long all the research I had to do to make the novel as accurate as possible would take.

Q. What’s one thing readers should know before they start reading your book?

A.That Shadowland is about a father’s love for his children and his family.


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