Interview with Kelly Anne Manuel, Author of a New Children’s Series

Q. What Inspired You to Write Your Book? A. I was inspired to write my books once I realized they were there. All my life experiences had led to the perfect moment of quiet, inside and out, where I could hear them as poetry in my heart and mind. I helped students with writing essays on mybestwriting.com. Once I heard the poems, I translated them into stories. Then I was so fortunate to find my illustrators on iStock. These gifted artists created the perfect images to match my words without even knowing it.

Q. Can You Tell Us About these Books from Your Point of View?

A.My Point of View for all the books is first and foremost, entertainment. I utilized poetry, rhyme, and incredible imagery to engage the Child and invite them to be entertained. Beyond the entertainment factor, there are many layers, topics, and ideas, that meet each Child where they are.

Q. What Can Readers Expect from These Books?
A. I hope Readers can expect the unexpected with all my books. I often take a commonly used phrase and reverse it for exactly this purpose. I want the Readers to be curious, actively engaged, and surprised by every title, cover, illustration, page and word.

Q. Can You Tell Me Three Fun Facts About You?

A.Three fun facts about me are: I love ice cream with extra sprinkles ,I love BritBox and Acorn TV and I talk to my dog Teddy Roosevelt like a person.

Q. What Are Your Plans for Future Writing Projects?

A.I have so many more poems and stories that are eager to be in the hands of children. I am hopeful that the royalties from the current thirty-one will afford me to publish the ones

waiting in the wings. I do have a collection of poetry for adults that I hope to figure out a way to publish as well.


Q.What Do You Want the World to Know About Your Books?

A.I want the world to know that these books are important for Children everywhere to have access to. The books are an extension of my mission and purpose on the planet to support Children of all ages and stages as they navigate through unprecedented times. They are tools in a toolkit for every Caregiver, Parent, Teacher, Librarian, Family Member and anyone else interacting with the generations of the global future..

Q. How Do You Think Your Book Relates to The World Today?

A. My books are especially important at this time in the world. When the pandemic hit, all Children everywhere, became swept up in a global shift. This global shift has me feeling the needs of Children as a Collective and the books have been created to assist with the ongoing, unpredictable results. The urgency I had to write, illustrate and publish in the span of a few short months is due to this Childhood Collective need for literature as a layer of support.

What Should Remain with Readers Long After Putting Your Book Down?

A. The poetry and rhyming in every book are meant for memory development of the phrases in the stories. My hope is that the phrases may provide Children with either entertainment or support whenever necessary. I hope the phrases are so helpful that the Children who read them will want their Children to read them, and so forth and so on. The illustrations are meant to marry the words with imagery so that all senses of learning are activated and available.

Q. If People Can Only Buy One Book This Month, Why Should It Be Yours?

A.The cadence of the books and the journey they take the Child on should remain long after the story is read. The rhymes can be utilized as mantras, affirmations, and positive self-talk models throughout the life of the Reader. I have found that the books hold the attention of not only a eight-month-old but also a seventy-eight-year-old. This is a special reality created by an uncommon author.

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