Interview with Doug Kari, Author of The Berman Murders

Q.What Inspired You to Write Your Book?

A.Saline Valley inspired me – it’s a mystical and profoundly silent desert wilderness. The fact that two lovers on a make-up trip were slaughtered there seemed unfathomable.

Q.Can You Tell Us About the Book from Your Point of View?

A.I felt called to investigate the case and immersed myself in the project for nine years.

Q.What Can Readers Expect from This Book?

A.Expect the unexpected! This true-crime drama starts in the desert but takes you to the other side of the world and back again.

Q.Can You Tell Me Three Fun Facts About You?

A.(1) My grandmother was a prospector – that’s how I fell in love with the desert. (2) Friends and colleagues in Mexico call me “Diego” instead of “Doug.” (3) My daughter is a U.S. diplomat who pushes me to keep writing.

Q.What Are Your Plans for Future Writing Projects?

A.Let’s just say I’m fascinated by law and crime in wilderness settings.

Q.What Do You Want the World to Know About Your Book?

A.A story about two unsolved murders ends as triumph by courageous women: underage victims turned powerful accusers, hardworking prosecutors, and an esteemed federal judge

Q.How Do You Think Your Book Relates to The World Today?

A.Female empowerment.

Q.What Do You Hope Will Be the Everlasting Thoughts for Readers Who Finish Your Book?

A.Whether you phrase it as “you reap what you sow” or the “law of karma,” the underlying principle is real.


Q.What Should Remain with Readers Long After Putting Your Book Down?

A.There’s no such thing as “getting away with murder.”

Q.If People Can Only Buy One Book This Month, Why Should It Be Yours

A.If you like reading about crime, this story leads from two unsolved murders into sex trafficking, jailhouse intrigue, and courtroom drama.  

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