Interview with Bill Stevenson, Author of Ricky’s Dream Trip to the Ancient Worlds of Egypt, Greece and Rome

Q. Can you tell us about your book?

A. Ricky’s Dream Trip to the Ancient Worlds of Egypt, Greece and Rome  combines three Ricky’s Dream Trip books, now in one volume with added information for classroom use and at-home activities. Ricky travels to the Ancient World through his dreams with his PopPop by his side.

In Egypt, the land of the Pharaohs and pyramids, he meets the boy prince, Tutankhamun in a search for a beloved pet. Immerse yourself in the culture of Ancient Egypt with this terrific adventure.

Next, Ricky and PopPop meet Aristotle as they visit Greece, the land of the Ancient Olympics, see the Temple of Athena, and help Alexander the Great.
In the third time-bending trip adventure to Ancient Rome, the fate of Julius Caesar, one of Rome’s greatest leaders, hangs in the balance. It is up to Ricky to confront his own fears and change the course of history.

Q. What is your favorite excerpt from your book?

A. Ricky is an adventurous eleven-year-old boy. He loves his parents and respects their attempt to help him grow up into a good person. Ricky has a special love for his grandfather because PopPop understands how difficult it is to be a kid. In our story, Ricky will use his dream imagination to visit the ancient worlds of Egypt, Greece, and Rome.

Q. Where did you find your inspiration for your book?

A. My inspiration for the Dream Trips was built upon the continuing success of each book in the series.

Q. How is your book different from other books in the same genre?

A.The Dream Trips were built on a foundation of love between a grandfather (PopPop) and a grandson (Ricky) while exposing Ricky to history.

Q. What’s one thing you want the reader to remember about your book long after they finish?

A.The books were written to honor the special relationship between PopPop and Ricky.

Q. Do you have other books in the works?
A.I am considering a Dream Trip to meet Napoleon.

Q. What do you wish you knew before you started to write your book?

A.I had no preconceived notions before I wrote each book in the dream trip series. My extensive research exposed me to much more than I needed to learn in the writing of a cogent story.

Q. What’s one thing readers should know before they start reading your book?

A.The Dream Trips are based on true history.

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