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Interview with Beatrice Adenodi, Author or Mindless Behaviors

Beatrice Adenodi is a storyteller, a sought-after a business leadership consultant and speaker, and a first generation Nigerian American. Adenodi’s unique experiential marketing perspective gives her We asked Adenodi a few questions to learn more about her and her newest book, Mindless Behaviors: Breaking through Unseen Barriers.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book

  • My inspiration came from my experience, personal relationships, professional life and the environments that I lived within. Humanity as a whole inspired me.

Can You Tell Us About the Book from Your Point of View?

  • The book is a catalyst to our awareness of daily behaviors that keeps us stuck  in a reactive cycle. Through storytelling, I gave examples of specific behaviors about how far the rabbit hole goes and the conditioning that we have been subjected to by our families, social constructs, unlearned behaviors through experiences, AND circular patterns that we readily overlook that eventually balloon through time. I bring the reader through a journey of self awareness.

What Can Readers Expect from This Book?

  • The reader would be able to identify with some of the characters in the book. They will also learn different ways to become aware of their situation and view their challenges from another perspective. Also, the reader would know that they are not alone with their problems and know how to identify sustainable solutions.

Can You Tell Me Three Fun Facts About You?

Beatrice Adenodi
Beatrice Adenodi


  1.  Study Opera the first two years of college
  2.   Backpack through 7 countries
  3.  March in the band for 4 years in high school during Mardi Gras.

What Are Your Plans for Future Writing Projects?

  • Yes, I am going to work on releasing new blogs throughout the months. I write my emotions in real time and find writing as a sense of release to channel my deep thoughts that people can read.

What Do You Want the World to Know About Your Book?

  •  The book inspires the reader to be better problem solvers and have meaningful conversations that are reflective in nature.  The change that I would like to see is the audience questioning their perceptions of how one lives and beginning to become open in learning to have the uncomfortable conversations not usually vocalized.

How Do You Think Your Book Relates to The World Today

  • The book sheds light on the reactive world and how conditioned we are to follow the rules without blindly questioning what narrative or life perspectives. 2020 has escalated the mental and emotional chaos that we see going on in the world, and if it is left unchecked, it leads to unfavorable outcomes that we see happening around the world. Mindless Behaviors sheds light on the part that we play in the world and how not being aware of how one shows up and perspective in the world can lead to challenging situations covered in the book.

What Do You Hope Will Be the Everlasting Thoughts for Readers Who Finish Your Book?

  • Having conversations that are meaningful and real.

What Should Remain with Readers Long After Putting Your Book Down?

  • The sense of awareness

If People Can Only Buy One Book This Month, Why Should It Be Yours

  • Mindless Behaviors is very relevant in the challenging times we live within. It provides a starting point of becoming aware and planting seeds of transformation. This book is for people who find themselves in repeatable patterns in their lives and are looking for ways to unstuck themselves. My book is not telling the reader how to live their life or what to do in a situation, but it offers multiple perceptions on how to navigate through challenging conditions which is what we need in the world.

Grab your copy of Mindless Behaviors: Breaking through Unseen Barrier on Amazon now. 

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