Importance of Standing Still When Conflict Arises, The Catcher Dream by Kelly Anne Manuel

“Develop enough courage so that you can stand up for yourself and then stand up for somebody else.” – Maya Angelou.

It has always been a priority for parents and guardians to keep their children safe and sound, protected from any harm. Kids, especially younger ones, are naturally curious about the world and are always up for an adventure, so they need proper guidance from grown-ups. But they can only sometimes keep an eye out for their children 24/7. It’s nearly impossible for children to be kept under supervision all the time. This is why it is essential to teach children how to stand up for themselves since only some of the time will there be a guardian beside them to keep them secure. This message is what Kelly Anne Manuel is trying to emphasize in her book The Catcher Dream.

The Catcher Dream by Kelly Anne Manuel demonstrates a child’s journey who met a fictional character named the Catcher Dream. It shows how essential it is to possess courage and strength when met with an uncomfortable matter or person. It is Book Five of Kelly Anne Manuel’s Childhood Classics, which includes relevant books that all generations can find meaning on. The Childhood Classics help children to maneuver in life, especially during challenging situations.


It is recommended that parents teach younger ones the essence of courage. Kids must know how to safeguard themselves against physical, mental, and emotional harm. This is a necessary trait to have, especially for kids who are still developing. There’s a lot to learn growing up, and children are exposed to various harms—we’ll never know what will happen to them. It is better to be prepared once an unfortunate thing happens than be regretful for not coming on ready and knowledgeable. The Catcher Dream is a self-empowering book from which children can learn many things. It exposes kids to the harsh realities of life, on the possibility that what if a ‘Catcher Dream’ comes along, what would they do about it? Will they be scared or stand up and overcome it themselves?

The Catcher Dream

In The Catcher Dream, the child is welcomed on a journey where self-empowerment is symbolized by the narrator’s contact with a made-up figure known as the Catcher Dream. The narrator of this narrative exhibits fortitude and bravery once an unfavorable situation is discovered through self-evaluation. The child will understand that they are responsible for protecting their personal space, both physically and emotionally. It illustrates how crucial it is to deal with the sensations, ideas, and emotions that uncomfortable situations bring up.

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