Immerse Yourself in An Epic Fantasy world, with C D McKenna, author of The Vorelian Saga

Books That Make You Immerse Yourself in a Tolkien-Level Fantasy World

Nothing gets our imaginations going like living in a fantasy world that feels so real, you know the locations, the societies, cultures, the countryside as well as (or maybe better) than real world geography.

Enter the award-winning The Vorelian Saga, from author C.D. McKenna.

It’s a universe of a dark epic fantasy, full of anti-heroes and morally gray characters. The Blood of the Lion is the debut of this 9-book saga, with readers all over the world hailing the world-building as Tolkien-level, with many others relating it to Game of Thrones and Eragon.

In addition to being a prodigious worldsmith, C.D. McKenna is a coffee lover who lives in the mountains of Colorado. If she is not writing with a dog on her lap, she’s outside enjoying the fresh air and hiking to distant worlds right in her backyard. McKenna explores various genres in her writing but is published in fantasy and horror.

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