Imagining Life Through a Youthful Lens, Boots Rain by Kelly Anne Manuel

“Seeing the world through the eyes of a child is the purest joy that anyone can experience.” – Constance Zimmer.

We all experienced being kids at some point in our lives, with pure, innocent minds, ready to explore the world’s wonders. We can all attest that children see the world differently than grown-ups. Children perceive the world with a sense of grandiosity and playfulness. For them, the world is big and full of hidden treasures to explore and unravel. They see everything as exciting and interesting, a facet of learning and having fun. The children’s innocence and natural liveliness make their perception of the world something unique to their own. As adults, it is nice to relive that we were all once children with creative minds. This is precisely what Kelly Anne Manuel is trying to imply in her book The Boots Rain—that children’s imagination is top-notch and that everything is impossible.

The Boots Rain by Kelly Anne Manuel perfectly embodies what it feels like to go into places from the children’s point of view. It is Book One of Kelly Anne Manuel’s Rainbow’s End Series, which consists of stories that aid in imaginary play. Each book in the series begins with “The other day I went to visit a friend…” and takes readers to a different place where everything is possible.


The book implies how unique children perceive things around them. They see things in an extraordinary which reflects their character and personality as an individual. Aside from using this book to spark curiosity in your child through stimulating and colorful illustrations, the book implies that it is also good to view things creatively as if we are still kids.
Isn’t it fun to connect with our inner child again and see the way things are through the lenses of a child?

The Boots Rain

In The Boots Rain, the Child is welcomed to embark on a journey and experience a brand-new event that the narrator is so excited to talk about. The narrator tells the experience with astonishment, excitement, and vigor, making the readers naturally want to join in for fun. Visit the end of a rainbow to see what beautiful adventures awaits there. Children will learn fascinating and unique ways to view rain in “The Boots Rain,” which will change how readers perceive it. The author wants to arouse interest and spark conversation by challenging the conventional notion of rain boots with this tale.

You can check out The Boots Rain on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

For more information about Kelly Anne Manuel’s books, you may visit Goodreads.

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