How to Keep Tech Devices Safe When Downloading Books

How to Keep Tech Devices Safe When Downloading Books

Keeping a digital library of books has become a lot easier thanks to modern devices and ebook technology. The fastest way to add books to tech devices like tablets or phones is through instant downloads. When you download ebooks online, you want to ensure you keep your devices safe and protected from viruses or malware. Learn some of the ways to keep your tech devices safe when downloading books.

Keep Devices Fully Updated

A fully updated device will have the latest security protections. Old bugs or problems with the computer code can lead to software issues and vulnerabilities with devices. This means that downloads can include viruses and make your device open for bugs or viruses.

Devices without the proper updates may also be prone to crashing or freezing when you try to download and read ebook collections. Along with manually updating your device, you can change the update settings to automatically update when new updates become available.

Only Download Books From Reputable Sources

There are thousands of websites online that claim to offer ebook downloads. Unfortunately, some of those websites have malicious intentions and the files you download can be harmful to your devices. When you download books, ensure the source is reputable. Official bookstore stores and ereader apps will typically offer the safest options for downloading books.

If you are unsure exactly where to download an ebook from, then visit the publisher page directly. Often, a publisher will offer direct links to pages where you can purchase digital books. The downloads will remain safe and protected for devices like phones and tablets.

Download Books on Security-Protected Wi-Fi

Even if the website you download books from is reputable, the Wi-Fi connection you use may not offer secure connections. When you connect to an open public Wi-Fi network, you could make your device vulnerable to cyber attacks and potentially lose private information. The best way to download books is through a security-protected Wi-Fi login.

Ideally, you will want to download books from your own Wi-Fi at home and then read the downloaded files on the go. You do not want to risk the security and protection of your device with constant downloads on an open network. If you do use an open Wi-Fi network, try to download books directly from an app as opposed to a webpage.

Run Antivirus Software Apps for Downloads

Every time you download a file on a device, you can add extra precaution with a detailed scan of the file. This extra layer of protection will inspect any digital books and ensure that the files are clean and free from viruses. If you open a file without a virus scan, then any embedded viruses or malware will open as well and could create problems with a device. An installed antivirus program will automatically scan the files and delete any suspicious files so you do not open them yourself.

All of these elements will help ensure you remain safe while you download ebooks. Follow all these tips and use them together to help on all of your portable devices.

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