How to Furnish a New Apartment on the Cheap

You have moved into a new apartment. First of all, congratulations. This is the chance for a fresh start in a new place, which makes it exciting for numerous reasons. There is just one problem: the move has left you a little cash-strapped. 

Not only that, but you have yet to furnish your apartment. 

While it could be tempting to sit on deckchairs and place an old mattress on the floor to save money, there’s no need to resort to that situation. In fact, there are plenty of paths available where you can furnish your new apartment on the cheap. Here’s how! 

Decide on the essentials 

First of all, you should draw up a list of all the essential furnishings you will need for your apartment. Forget about those decorative items or novelty pieces for now – it’s all about getting those necessities at this stage. 

The types of items that are typically seen on the ‘essential furnishings’ list include a bed frame, couch, dresser, dining table, and nightstand. While you might also like storage solutions such as a bookshelf or cabinet, your moving box can be suitable for your knick-knacks until a bit more disposable income is in your bank account. 

Visit your local thrift stores 

It is an obvious point, yes, but local thrift stores should be the first places you visit when searching for cheap furnishings. They are known for being an excellent cheap option when on the hunt for everything from sofas to desks. 

Of course, one notable issue is the condition of items. Some furnishings are, to put it mildly, past their best, and that can put you off from making a purchase. Yet if you’ve got a creative side, you could use, say, a chair as the base for an upcycling project

Shop online from local marketplaces 

What if the thrift stores are lacking what you hope to find? You can widen the net considerably by scouring through local marketplaces. The Good Trade has a list of thrifting apps that are best for finding second-hand furniture

With that said, there is one major problem with buying cheaper large items online: delivery. A lot of small sellers and individuals will only offer “collection only,” where no delivery option is made available. However, not all hope is lost. You can use a collection only service where you can post your job, receive quotes, and get it delivered without breaking your budget. 

Receive help from family and friends 

Going closer to home, you could receive help from your family and friends. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean getting a cash handout. You could see if they have any furnishings they are looking to move on. It could seem like a long shot, but there’s no harm in asking.

Furthermore, see if they are willing to keep an eye out for great deals at thrift stores, online, from sales during major outlets, etc. With more people watching out on your behalf, there’s more chance of finding the essentials you need. 

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