How to Create a Garden Space With a Spot for Reading Books

How to Create a Garden Space With a Spot for Reading Books

Nothing beats reading a book in your garden within your own cozy reading nook. Beautiful gardens can transform an outdoor living space into a peaceful oasis. It’s a great place to meditate, relax, sunbathe, or read a great book. Designing your own book nook within your garden is easier than you think. Follow our guidelines to create your own special spot to read your favorite books or a stack of new books.

Start with the Garden

To make the most of your garden book nook, it’s important to first take a look at your garden. Many times homeowners enjoy feeling surrounded by trees, flowers, and other pretty foliage. If your garden is a little on the thin side, now is a great time to add new species and create a more colorful, vibrant garden. Make sure that you choose plants that complement one another and that you can

Choose a Spot

The next step is to choose a spot in your garden for your book nook. You need an open spot, and you can easily sit or lie down comfortably to read. Try sitting and lying down in a few different spots. Look around. Do you like the view? Choose a spot with beautiful angles of your garden so you’ll stay in a relaxed and peaceful state of mind when you look up from your book.

Build the Book Nook

When you are satisfied with the look of your garden and you’ve chosen a great spot, it’s time to build the book nook. There are several ways that you can build yourself a cozy spot to read. Our favorite way is to use gabions to build a unique and beautiful natural reading bench. You can stack several gabions together to create a bench that is visually stunning and perfect for reading. If you want to lie down and read, you’ll want to add bench cushions to the top of the boxes.

Another great way to build a book nook is to use the gabions to build a secret wall and to hide one or two comfy wooden reading chairs or a swinging wooden glider behind the walls. So that the book nook doesn’t stick out in the garden, you can add gabion walls all around the garden to create a secret garden maze.


Once you’ve built your book nook, you may want to decorate the area with ambient lighting to add a hint of magic to your garden. Uplighting trees and stringing lights throughout the garden can create a beautiful nesting spot. You might also want to consider adding a water source, such as a fountain. Other fun decor includes stepping stones into the garden and unique garden gnomes. These little touches can make your space feel more personal and private.

Creating a book nook in your garden is a wonderful way to merge the peaceful relaxation of nature with the joy of reading. A personalized outdoor sanctuary provides a perfect way to unwind and escape into a good book.

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