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How to Be Italian: Eat, Drink, Dress, Travel and Love La Dolce Vita By Maria Pasquale

How to Be Italian: Eat, Drink, Dress, Travel and Love La Dolce Vita written by Maria Pasquale explores what being Italian means to the author. She explores the rich cultural heritage, food, language, fashion, and the Italian way of life among many other things.  Maria Pasquale is an Australian-born Italian whose parents are both of Italian descent. Maria moved to Rome in 2011 and has continued her love affair with her muse.

Living La Dolce Vita – A Sweet Life the Italian Way

How to Be Italian book cover imageMaria’s unconditional love for all things Italian permeates her book cover to cover. A beautifully written and photographed book, How to Be Italian encompasses all the senses and spirit of what embodying Italy means to Maria Pasquale. Her words and description of all things Italian are heavy with deep love, passion, and respect for Italy. One can really smell the roasting coffee beans, see the ancient ruins of Rome, the canals in Venice, and feel the warmth of the fading sunset from a balcony in Milan, Pasquale speaks of. A self-described true romantic and dreamer, Maria Pasquale could only be Italian as she sums up the culture as something intangible and a feeling that is truly hard to express.

Live like the Italians from Making a Good Impression to Nurturing Your Passions and Savoring the Moment

Maria covers how to live like a true Italian for the rest of us who have admired their architecture, the depth of art and creativity, their sense of style, and their delicious food! Any of us could improve our lives by appreciating our surroundings and the simple things in life while taking the time to exercise and socialize with loved ones. These notions are visually supported by full-color images of life in Italy. If you haven’t been to Italy in person, you’ll definitely feel as though you’ve been transported there by turning over each page.

Grab yourself a copy of How to Be Italian by Maria Pasquale here! Learn more about Maria and her adventures in Italy at her blog HeartRome where she writes about travel, life in Rome, upcoming events, and much more.

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