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Holiday Book Gift List

This year, holiday shopping is especially stressful. Shipping delays, supply shortages, popular items flying off the shelves.

Let’s get back to basics.

This holiday season, let’s celebrate our loved ones. Let’s focus on family, friends, and good books. Instead of running around to stores, or trying to order gifts that aren’t shipping until 2022, put shopping on the back burner and take a look at some of these book gift options that are available, and will ship quickly from Amazon.

We have several exciting books for everyone from middle-schoolers to adults, hard-to-please individuals, genre-specific readers, and fans of fiction as well as non-fiction. So, ready to charm the stockings off them all?

As a bonus, we have several new books listed that are releasing soon. So take a look, or pre-order now, and make sure you have the best new books for the new year.

Also, make sure to check out our Jingle Books Event to find even more book ideas for the holiday season.

Here’s the Books That Make You holiday book gift list:


Million Dollar Miracle

Million Dollar Miracle book coverIf there’s one gift you could give yourself, it should be this. Million Dollar Miracle by Michael E. Bash provides easy-to-use strategies to educate yourself about real estate and become a millionaire today. Sounds too good to be true, right? We hear you. But you’ve got to believe the person who served as an adviser to President Jimmy Carter and successfully built his own multi-million-dollar wealth using these methods.

To learn about the tried-and-true formula by Michael, get your copy of his book now.


Always a Princess

Always a Princess book coverWho doesn’t like a steamy romance novel? But if you’re confessing your love to someone who’s a history buff, what better way than to gift them a historical romance fiction. Always a Princess is a cloak-and-dagger love story between a Romany princess and an Englishman from the Regency era.

If you ask us, it’s worth finding out if there’s a happy ending to the story (and yours). Grab your copy today.


Plague of Flies

Book cover of A Plague of Flies: Revolt of the Spirits, 1846If you have a daydreamer, high-achiever, YA fan in the house, we have just the book they’d like. Plague of Flies by award-winning author Laurel Anne Hill is a historical fantasy that takes you to 1846 Alta, California. It’s a time in the life of Catalina Delgado where fate takes a hand in a dramatic turn of events.

Will sixteen-year-old Catalina succeed in protecting those she loves? You’ll have to get your YA historical fantasy fan to find out. Order now.


A Tomato Grows in Brooklyn

a tomato grows in Brooklyn book coverIs there an amateur chef or food nerd in your life? Celebrity chef David Ruggerio’s book, A Tomato Grows in Brooklyn,is a gift they will cherish for life. It contains 135 lip-smacking recipes, luscious prints of some of David’s most sort-after dishes, and a close-to-his-heart narrative of special moments that led to his rise to fame.

We bet you can win the heart of this special someone with these Italian American dishes, and a dash of Brooklyn’s flavor. Get your copy today.


Project Adventure Series

Project Adventure series book coversWhether you’re a parent, uncle, or aunty searching for books that foster good values while entertaining your dearest middle-grader, we have a perfect idea for you. The Project Adventure Series by David Konrad include stories of kids who overcome difficult situations to help others. These courageous kids are likely to carve a special place in the hearts of little ones.

The special four-book Project Adventure box makes for a perfect holiday book gift set. Pre-order the book set on Amazon today.


Our African Unconscious

Our African Unconscious book coverIf you know someone on a spiritual path, studying human evolution and psychology, they will love this holiday book gift. Our African Unconscious: The Black Origins of Mysticism and Psychology by Dr. Edward Bruce Bynum discusses the innate common identity connecting us with a primordial African unconscious.

Want to help someone you care about to uncover the unity of our species? Order a copy of this book now.


Babe in the Woods

Babe in the Woods book coverAre there introverts, creative souls, or nature lovers on your gift list? You’ll undoubtedly score some serious brownie points with them with  Babe in the Woods: Self Portrait by Yvonne Wakefield, a book that explores a four-decades-long journey through life in the wilderness. In this second book from the series, Yvonne talks about cabin life, the community, and discovering oneself.

We’re sure your nature-loving friends will find answers to questions that may have kept them from exploring life in the wild. Grab your copy today.


Fairy Knights: Tricks N’ Trees

Tricks 'n Trees book coverAs the book’s title suggests, it’s a book for a kid, or “kid at heart” grown-up, who enjoys reading folk tales and spooky novels. Fairy Knights: Tricks N’ Trees by Dames Handsome is book four from the Fairy Knights series. The Fairy Village is under the threat from an obnoxious orange monster. Enter Ching Goo, Oma Bell, and Hamster Rick, a.k.a The Fairy Knights, to the rescue.

Their rescue mission involves a spooky pumpkin contest and a breath-taking adventure with, of course, an unexpected twist in the tale. Does this sound like a book your dear ones would devour? Then order now.


Did you find some fun books for your holiday book gift list? There’s more! You’re going to love these soon-to-be-released books we found. Don’t miss these titles that you can add to your new year’s reading list.


The Sweetest Ladybird

The Sweetest Ladybug book cover Award-winning Swedish author Isabel Cintra will soon release her next children’s folk tale called The Sweetest Ladybird. Experience an imaginative world of Johanna that is not too distant from her real life, and get ready to discover all the mysteries and beauties tucked away in her beautiful garden. Learn more about the book on Isabel Cintra’s website.


The Path 365

The Path 365 book coverDid you hear about the daily guide for ladies and mothers, witches, and others? The Path 365 by Suzie Newell is a daily no-nonsense direction book to help you balance compassion and work. This well-researched book contains a down-to-earth approach to help manage challenges, reclaim health, and evolve. For more information, visit The Path 365 website now.


Snoodles, Kidoodles, Poodles, and Lots and Lots of Noodles

Snoodles, Kidoodles, Poodles, and Lots and Lots of Noodles book coverWe hear the brilliantly hilarious and award-winning children’s book author Steven Joseph is about to release his next book. Snoodles, Kidoodles, Poodles, and Lots and Lots of Noodles packs the best emotions, flavors, and tastes your kids will devourer. For more updates, visit Steven Joseph’s official website.


Those Who Hunt Wolves

Those Who Hunt Wolves book coverWhat happens when technological espionage holds the fate of our nation? Those Who Hunt Wolves by Harrison Taylor is an action-packed thriller you don’t want to miss. Witness the line of loyalty blur as the political conspiracy and international crisis pose an unsurmountable challenge for the top-secret group formed to protect humanity. Visit Harrison Taylor’s website for more.


Paid to Be Perfect

Paid to Be Perfect book coverHeather Mathes worked as a professional model for ten years before taking a hiatus to become a mom. When she returned to modeling, she measured the same as she did in her twenties…and not because she was under contract. To develop her health and wellness methods, and to keep your weight from fluctuating, check out her upcoming book Paid to Be Perfect.


Make it truly the most wonderful time of the year with your loved ones, and the holiday books from our list. To add more jingles to your holidays, come along with your friends and family to the Jingle Books: A Holiday Party. Celebrate your favorite authors, enjoy the bookish games, and spread the holiday cheer this season. To win exciting prizes, hear about exclusive updates, and join your fellow book lovers on the Jingle Books Facebook group today.


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