Hilarious Children’s Poems with Derek Taylor Kent, Author of Hysterical Rhymes

Books That Make You Just Have Fun with Hysterical Rhymes—and Introduce You to a Prolific Children’s Book Author

Children learn through rhyming. They may also find benefits through scary stories. And they certainly have fun exploring Whimsical World, an innovative children’s brand with a mission to inspire, delight, and educate children of all ages.

Derek Taylor Kent is not only the author of The BookFest Award-Winner Hysterical Rhymes. He is probably best known for his 4-book middle-grade series Scary School, published by HarperCollins.

His bilingual children’s book El Perro con Sombrero was published by Holt-Macmillan. Other popular picture books include The Grossest Picture Book Ever, Dinosaur Derby, and his latest, Ka-Boom!

He and his wife, children’s author Sheri Fink, are the founders of Whimsical World. They spread their joy of learning and literacy through magical live events, school visits, speaking appearances, and pop-up shops all over the world.

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