Help Children Connect, with Sarah Vie, Author of Let Your Inner Golden Sparkle Shine

Books That Make You and Your Kids Practice Connecting with their Inner Greatness, Potential and Overall Resilience

It’s important to let kids learn to recognize their truest potential before they start hearing, believing and internalizing the world’s “limiting stories” that are out there.

Bestselling author Sarah Vie returns to talk about her children’s book, Let Your Inner Golden Sparkle Shine. In it, kids learn that, no matter what is going on around them, they have a safe place to land in their heart.

In her book, I Wish I’d Known, Sarah Vie uses wisdom from her own lived experience to guide readers through a transformational journey.

For the past 10 years, Sarah Vie has been transforming many lives—including her own—helping to amplify financial abundance, career success, love in relationships and health and wellness. She is an internationally sought energy healer and meditation guide, and has been featured on ABC, NBC and CBS affiliates. Her articles have been published in Huffington Post, Modern Mom Magazine and Thrive Global.

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