Heather Mathes Shares the Secret to Finding Perfect in Her Latest Book, Paid to Be Perfect

“Paid to Be Perfect: The Secret to Finding Your Perfect” is the debut book by fit model Heather Mathes. Heather Mathes introduces us to various wellness methods, fitness, skincare, and nutrition guidelines that she developed as a fit model for over 30 years in her first book. With being paid as a fit model from her mid-twenties to her late forties, Heather Mathes already established the guidelines to maintain her physique at an exact size 6; now, she’s eager to share her experiences and help the readers to find “their perfect.”


If you’re looking for a self-help book that will guide you to maintaining the body’s natural size and a glimpse of what it’s like to be a fit model, then Paid to Be Perfect is the book for you!


Part nutrition, part self-help, and a partial glimpse into the world of fashion


Fit model Heather Mathes just released her first book, “Paid to Be Perfect: The Secret to Finding Your Perfect,” last January 4, published by Gatekeeper Press. Paid to Be Perfect provides a personal guide of all the healthy lifestyle habits circling nutrition, fitness, skincare, and wellness Heather Mathes followed on her modeling career where she was paid to be “perfect.” The book is rich with practical tips that will surely help the readers maintain their natural body size regardless of their size and age—it is applicable for everyone.


Being in the industry as a fit model for major clothing brands, Heather Mathes kept her measurements consistent over decades—maintaining her body within a quarter of an inch variance and embodying the perfect size six. Maintaining one’s figure for years is not an easy fit to accomplish, but Heather Mathes seems to master the art of it already, even while eating whatever she wants, without stress or guilt. Aside from the practical tips, Mathes also shared a glimpse into the fashion world and how to break into modeling.


The first section of Paid to Be Perfect includes a glimpse into the world of modeling and Mathes’ habits about nutrition and wellness that will surely help those of all ages find their own perfect. The second section includes detailed insider information for individuals who dream of venturing into professional modeling.


Meet the Author

Heather Mathes began her modeling career in 1988, pursuing it professionally after graduating from the Ohio State University. Her 10-consecutive year fit modeling contract temporarily stopped when she became a mom in 2008. Years passed, at the age of 46, she continued fit modeling with exact measurements she had when she was in her 20s—all because of her health and wellness methods to keep her weight from changing.


Paid to Be Perfect is an information-packed memoir that gives the ultimate message beyond the fit model statistics: body positivity for everybody.


Paid to Be Perfect: The Secret to Finding Your Perfect is available on Amazon and other major retailers. For more updates about the book, you can visit Heather Mathes’ website. Grab your copy now!

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