Getting to Know Crankiness Expert Author Steven Joseph

Author Steven Joseph is an attorney, comedian and crankiness expert. a New York native, the son of a Holocaust Survivor, and a Zen master, he weaves his own personality into his books that help children and adults everywhere manage their crankiness. Learn more with us:


Q. Can you tell us about your book?

A. This is a book about how everyone was cranky until Herbie Snoodleman invented the ultimate new invention, the Snoodle which runs on noodles.  It replaced the Krautmobile which was kind of stinky.

Q. What is your favorite excerpt from your book?

A. “You have barely scratched the surface!”

Q. Where did you find your inspiration for your book?

A. Just thinking about things that make people less cranky.

Q. How is your book different from other children’s books?

Author Steven Joseph


A. It is ridiculously silly!!

Q. What age group would like your book, and why?

Any age group because of all the fun details in the illustrations.

Q. What’s the funniest part of writing a children’s book?

A.  In my case, thinking of all the words that rhyme with noodles.

Q. What do you wish you knew before you started to write your book?

A. How to sell books.

Q. What’s one thing you hope children take away from your book?

They should always aspire to move their world.

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