Get Ready to Become a Dad with J Hall, Author of God Help Me! I’m A Young Dad

Books That Make You Become the Best Dad You Can Be

We often hear about the struggles of young moms. Parenting is full of challenges and unknowns. It can be tough. That’s why young dads also need guidance and support.

An author, educator, podcaster, and all-around family guy, J Hall has released his first book: God Help Me! I’m a Young Dad: 10 Essentials for Becoming the Dad Your Kids Need. Part inspiration, part education, part application, the book highlights ten important characteristics every dad needs, and provides practical tips for developing these both in their own lives and the lives of their children.

Additionally, the book features a thirty-day devotional guide encouraging readers to begin practicing the essentials discussed in the book.

Since 2021, J Hall has hosted and produced the Okie Bookcast, a podcast dedicated to connecting curious readers with their next great read through interviewing authors and storytellers connected to Oklahoma. He is also Dean of Social Sciences at Oklahoma City Community College, and teaches sociology.

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