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How To Make A Furnished Apartment Feel More Like Home

There are plenty of methods to make your furnished apartment feel more like home, even if you are unable to add your own particular flair through furniture.


Getting settled into a furnished apartment might present a variety of design challenges. It’s possible that you already own furniture that you are unable to transport, or you may be considering how to decorate your furnished apartment without upsetting your landlord.

Make it your style

There are many methods to incorporate design into your furnished apartment, even if the furniture has already been added.

Choose accent pieces that showcase your personal style, such as carpets, artwork, or even tossing pillows and blankets. When looking for new decor, just be sure to consider the furnishings So, that your preferences don’t overly contrast with what is currently in the furnished rental apartment.

Temporary versions of long-term options

Are you hesitant to add wall hangings or wallpaper because of your security deposit? Popular long-term decor additions can be replaced with many different temporary options. Try vinyl decals or repositionable contact paper in place of wallpaper.

Well! Instead of hammering nails into the wall, use removable adhesive hooks to hang your pictures and artwork and make your apartment more attractive. Even though you can’t change the room’s main features, you can still add things that make your one-bedroom apartment seem like home.

The typical duration of stay in corporate housing is 84 days, but regardless of how long you actually spend there, you want your temporary living quarters to feel like home. Whatever the length of your stay, use these suggestions to make your place feel completely personal.

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A high-quality rug completes a space. We’re looking for the ideal rug to bring everything together because our living space has wooden floors. They truly do make a huge impact, plus they are simple to pack up and bring with you to your new location—winning!

Use different textures

Another quick tip for selecting soft furnishings, last but not least. To make it less flat and boring, use different textures. Before I started to unintentionally change things and realized how much better it looked, I had never given this any thought.

I have cotton bedsheets, rattan accents, and some linen cushions that I purchased. When they work together, they stand out much more than just using cotton for everything. A small change can have a significant impact on the way a room feels overall.

Add your personal touches

Even though you probably had a chance to see some pictures of your new home before moving in, it’s possible that the people who decorated and furnished it didn’t quite share your eclectic taste in “bohemia-meets-space-travel” style. What kind of decoration can therefore give your home a more personal feel?

The first thing to keep in mind is that whatever you bring in for decoration will inevitably have to be taken with you when you leave—and if you’re a digital nomad or frequent traveler, the ability to travel light is probably one of the reasons you chose a furnished apartment in the first place.

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As a result, your decorating options should primarily consist of temporary or portable decor (or not be too painful to leave behind). A small rug, light curtains, temporary wallpaper, cushions, and peel-and-stick art for your walls are all inexpensive ways to add some personality to your home.


when a furnished apartment is filled with great objects. All of these small details help to make your apartment feel like a home. IHARent, with you to make your rented furnished apartment creative, and relaxing for you.


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