Fooling the eye: Tricks to enlarge your small living room

It is the room where most people kick back and relax in. As such, the last thing you want to feel as you sit back in your living room is claustrophobic.

Unfortunately, not all living rooms are equal and this is the exact effect that can happen.

On a more positive note, it doesn’t have to be like this. Before you start to think about knocking down and moving around walls, there are some smart decor choices that you can turn to in a bid to make your living room space feel much larger.

For those of you who are selling your home, these sorts of interior hacks can add thousands to your final asking place. For those who just want to enjoy your home a little more, the lifestyle effects can be game changing.

Let’s start by talking about your wall colors. If you have a darker color scheme, this can make the room feel smaller. The contrast between the wall and the floor can also be an issue. A lighter color on the walls will help to open up the space and make it feel airier.

If you want to go bold with your color choices, then there are some other options that you can try out. Choose a feature wall and use a light shade on this, while using a darker shade on the others. This creates a sense of depth and draws the eye inwards towards the light-colored wall, particularly if you accompany it with a vase of flowers (there’s some good inspiration in the footer of this article).

Adding mirrors is another great way to make your living room feel bigger. The reflective surface bounces light around the room, making it feel brighter and more spacious. Out of all of today’s suggestions, this is arguably the most cost-effective solution and can be applied to any room that is on the small size.

Another smart option is to go for lighter wood flooring instead of dark wood or carpeting. The lighter wood reflects light better, making it appear brighter and more spacious than darker floors would do. 

The next thing to look at is the placement of your furniture. If you have a larger sofa, try and place it against a wall to create a more intimate space in the middle of the room. You can also try and use two smaller sofas instead of one large one.

If you have a large screen TV, try placing it on a stand that is slightly raised off the ground. This will help to draw the eye upwards and give the illusion of height in the room.

The last thing to remember is that symmetry is key when it comes to creating an open space. Try placing your furniture in matching pairs and this will help to create a sense of symmetry around the room, making it feel more spacious than if everything was randomly placed around the room.

These are just some of the ways that you can make your living room feel bigger than it really is without having to move any walls or knock down any doors.

Helpful Resources

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Avas Flowers have some great inspiration across their social media pages. There are some further images on this Avas Flowers page, and some Avas Flowers coupons for those who are looking.

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Home and Gardens have put together a specific guide on symmetry in smaller rooms. It’s the perfect follow-on from today’s article.

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