Finding Magic with Marieke Lexmond, Author of The Wand Book Three of The Madigan Chronicles

Books That Make You Enter a Fantastical, Magic-Filled Saga Following Three Generations of Witches

There is nothing like a series with lots of twisty family drama to get us turning the pages. But what happens when that family happens to be comprised of witches?

The Madigan Chronicles” series, by Marieke Lexmond, is a six-book series spanning three generations of headstrong witches, and includes four magic element-based objects.

The Madigans guard the Wand of Wisdom, which governs the power of fire. When Lucy,

Grandma Madigan’s evil twin, steals the Dagger of Consciousness—which governs the power of air—it sets off a rollercoaster of magical mayhem. Lucy wants to possess all four magical objects, and become all-powerful. If the Madigans are going to stop her, however, they need to overcome their differences.

Marieke Lexmond reads tarot cards, loves food, photography, and travel. She has three sassy little dogs that she likes to take everywhere, and who even have their own Instagram account. As a pagan, she feels an instant connection to the land: it feeds her imagination, and inspires “The Madigan Chronicles.” The fourth installment, The Cup, will be released Spring 2023.

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