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Looking for love in all the right places? Find love with Our Valentine’s Day choices of helpful guides and romantic books can help your heart open as you embark on your journey. Learn how to nurture your relationships while becoming a person who can accept and appreciate love.

Celebrate romance with these passionate stories. Read about love that is eternal, patriotic, funny, spiritual, and more. Immerse yourself in these love stories and read to your heart’s content.

Choose Love

Love is a wonderfully complicated and extraordinary human experience. If you wonder why you’re missing out on love in your relationships, you need to check out I Choose Love: A Journey From Fear To Love by author A.G. Billig.

“Love and fear cannot coexist in one human heart. Hence, choose love. It is the safest place to be,” Billig notes.

I Choose Love contains six techniques that help you experience true love and create the life you want. Start making the right choices to find love now. Be the kind of person other people admire and fall in love with. Say “I Choose Love” loud and clear, and start reading.

A.G. Billig is a fiction and non-fiction author on a mission to spread love around the world through storytelling. Nature, dancing, travels, spirituality, and connecting with people are her permanent sources of inspiration and joy. In this book, she shares her secrets to attracting love – designed for you to utilize.


For the Love of America

Love for home, lifestyle and country are deeply engrained in our hearts and minds, almost from birth.. Although you may not always love the U.S. government, the protection and security it brings us provides the way of life to which we have become accustomed and hold dear. That is, until things spiral out of control.

Last Call by Debra Tash is a dystopian future novel in which the USA is taken over by a totalitarian dictatorship under the ruse of Homeland Security. America becomes a shell of its former self as its citizens are forced out of their homes and starved.

If you treasure our inalienable rights — life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness — you’ll fall in love with Last Call.


Love to Laugh

Find humor in love with the romantic comedy novel, Next Therapist Please, by Laurie Finkelstein. This must-read, heart-warming story tells the struggle of a woman who experiences loss and mental illness but finds the strength to overcome through love.

While her paintings are showcased at a chic art show, Janie’s heart skips a beat as she sees her former, ever handsome therapist. She recounts the tragic loss of her family and painful self-recovery as he lends a sympathetic ear.

This book is an entertaining Rom-Com that uses humor and wit to embrace the stigma of mental illness. Laughter is the best medicine. You’ll love reading Next Therapist Please.


Love is Eternal

The love shared within a tightknit family is powerful. The Engine Woman’s Light by Laurel Ann Hill explores the ancestral bond in this world and the next. The novel opens with the plight of a grandmother in an attempt to save her first granddaughter.

Laurel Ann Hill believes that love is eternal. It can be felt throughout time and beyond understanding, also through the pages of the book. The Engine Woman’s Light delves into seemingly painful topics: rape, child abandonment, murder, and death. Yet the novel also addresses love, loyalty, family, and forgiveness.

Discover a love deep enough to be felt beyond the grave with The Engine Woman’s Light.



A Love That Heals

Do you sometimes wish you could heal your loved ones? From a minor cold to serious injury, seeing our loved ones in pain is heart-wrenching.  Micheal Priv’s You Are A Psychic, The Healer’s Handbook helps readers develop extra-sensory abilities. With this guide, readers learn to locate anybody, anywhere with their minds, then use specifictechniques to actually heal various organs and functions in the body.

Sounds impossible? Priv is an advocate that miracles are possible, but only if we are open to discovering our true potential. You can help loved ones, friends, family or even complete strangers with your psychic abilities.



Love Yourself

Spiritual Compass: Practical Strategies for When You Feel Lost, Alone and God Seems Far Away by Sue Hannibal seeks to bring wellness to one and all. Depression triggered by divorce, separation and the fear of abandonment is discussed and remedied in this spiritual guidebook.

In this guide, 38 channeled essays feature practical advice and wisdom to help you, with topics ranging from finding your life path to how to deal with parting from your lover.




Follow Your Heart

With high hopes of conquering Hollywood, the novel’s main character goes to Los Angeles to study directing and screenwriting. On the way, she ends up at a roadside bar that uncannily links the destinies of the main characters, who had given up everything to follow their dreams. What’s in store for the young rebels in Los Angeles? Does your dream have another side, one that’s just as enigmatic and invisible as the far side of the Moon? Fall in love with The Lonely Hearts Bar.








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