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Explore the Common Thread in Humanity in Tears of Change

Do you remember your first encounter with this oldest form of literature? Poetry means so many things to so many of us. But we have author Debbie Monteggia who discusses the common thread in humanity, her own experience, and the power of “Tears of Change.” Here’s what Debbie has to say about her latest book, “Tears of Change” and poetry in general.

What was the inspiration for your poetry book, Tears of Change?

My desire is to share my poetry with people and let them know we all carry a common thread in humanity when it comes to processing and honoring all of our emotions. I also wrote it for enjoyment and self-reflection for the reader.


What makes this book special?

The uniqueness of the cover and how the poems touch on many of our common emotions that we all experience through our journey in life. Also, how the illustrations and the inspiration beside each poem help the reader conceptualize a deeper understanding of the poems message.


Why is the title Tears of Change?

My poetry originated from sadness and despair. Once I moved through and processed the sadness with my writings, it opened up space for me to lean into writing about joy and happiness. The dark, sad tears transitioned into clear, joyful tears.


Headshot of Tears of Change authorYour poems touch people in different ways. Could you tell us how?

Depending on one’s mindset while reading my poems, one can surely find a poem that resonates with their current feelings and emotions. Whether it be joy, sadness, acceptance, or renewal, I have a poem for every mood.


Many people dream about publishing a book but wait for the right time.  How did you know this was the right time for you?

I felt society was ready for it. Poetry is making a comeback, especially with the younger generation, millennials.  Poetry speaks to our vulnerabilities, and people talk more freely about their vulnerable and sensitive side now more than in past generations. I believe the social media platforms influenced this greatly. Everyone can have a voice. My intuition played a big role too. I was at a point in my life where I was ready to dedicate my time and energy to publishing my book.


How can we find the magic within ourselves, and what is this magic?

My belief is having total harmony with your mind, body, and soul flow.  Feed your mind with positive thoughts, your body with healthy foods, your soul with spirituality, and your magic will unfold. We all have the magic within us. Practicing this lifestyle allows clear visibility to the opportunities that lie before you. The magic is being the best version of yourself.


Tears of Change book coverYour book is a plea for embracing and expressing our emotions. How did you do that, especially the negative ones?

I learned from my acute anxiety the importance of moving through all of my emotions, even the negative ones. I released these emotions through talk therapy, journaling, and reading various self-help and development books to assist with my healing process and to understand how to honor all of my emotions.


Writing has always been your passion, but it wasn’t until you started journaling to cope with the anxiety that you discovered your gift for poetry. Could you share with us the more powerful moments of this journey?

My most powerful moments were when I received the spark of inspiration to sit down and compose each poem and express my emotions through poetry. It was very cathartic and rewarding watching each poem materialize on paper. Pulling all my poems together to publish my book was extremely gratifying as well.


What is your message to those reading this interview who suffer from or have friends and family suffering from anxiety?

Anxiety is a condition that is curable. My anxiety was caused by suppressing my emotions. You have to put in the work, though, meaning diving into and processing all of your emotions and feelings, especially the more uncomfortable and fearful ones. Your anxiety can subside when you process and lean into your fearful emotions. There are growth, healing, and gifts in these emotions once you work through them. This is what worked for me. I no longer experience anxiety because I worked through and honored ALL of my feelings and emotions.


You see challenges as opportunities for personal growth. How can one embrace this perspective?

Don’t ignore life’s challenges. It’s important to process and experience your challenges. They are presented to you to learn your life lessons and to express and live your life’s journey.


What type of reader would enjoy your book?

All types of readers would find a poem in my book that would resonate with them.


I know you love to read. What is your favorite place to read?

I like to read outdoors and embrace nature.


What is your favorite poem from the book?

A Child’s World

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