Experiencing Loss of Loved One with Holly Margl, Author of Witnessing Grief

Books That Make You Witness Grief, and Understand Better How to Deal with Grief and Loss

The more time we spend on the planet, the more lives we see pass. One of the cruelest aspects of getting older is the loss of loved ones. How can we learn about our grief and help others, when they are in the throes of their own?

Holly Margl is the award-winning author of Witnessing Grief; Inviting Trauma and Loss to Our Coaching Conversations, An Enneagram Perspective. And she is more than a name in the coaching realm: she’s a beacon for those navigating the waters of grief, trauma, and the Enneagram.

With the prestigious titles of International Coaching Federation Master Certified Coach (MCC) and Advanced Certified Mentor Coach (ACMC) to her name, Holly‘s expertise is recognized globally.

Her journey began at the University of Minnesota, where she delved into Alcohol and Drug Counseling and psychology. However, a fateful intersection with coaching and the Enneagram in 2011—while teaching at a local college—transformed her path. With an impressive array of coaching and Enneagram courses under her belt, Holly never stops learning and growing.

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